Pay Cuts

We are all in this storm together

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I took a huge voluntary pay cut last September when I retired. :wink:



I am trying to figure how I can bridge Health Care costs until Medicare age so I can take that voluntary pay cut as well…

No joke…I’m 62, in good health, nothing ever wrong, no major anything…and my monthly for my really good PPO with a $7,500 deductible is $1,100/mo.
Holy Smokes. Can’t wait to turn 65, and I never thought I would say something that crazy…

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Chump change - Let’s be honest

Don’t even know why everyone is publicizing that a high paid coach is taking a cut as that’s what expected and they can absorb it.

Now when the grounds worker gets hit or a sport cancellation then we know its serious

I haven’t loss my job, but I’m hourly and working only about 20 hours a week now.

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Hate to hear that, hopefully it picks back up for you real soon.