Per Braden Keith: North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson and Virginia are trying to void ACC GOR and go to the SEC^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

This guy usually covers swimming but he has a blue checkmark, so have at it guys…

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I imagine they are looking for ways out, whether they find it is another story. But Maryland did.

And Pac going for a loose alliance with the ACC. Bless their heart.


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A new realignment rumor…


If true, then we can go east and grab Louisville, Miami, Georgia Tech and either NC State or Duke.



The SEC is going to try to raid UNC and UVA before the B1G has a chance!


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That may give incentive for the PAC12 schools we want to go ahead and pull the trigger before their spots are taken by ACC teams looking for a lifeline.


Exactly. Sitting around is what got them in this situation in the first place.

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I forgot about Pitt and WVU’s Backyard Brawl! They would definitely get one of the first calls as a reward for WVU being on an island for a decade


Yea a story about SEC from guy who covers swimming…must have great sources lol

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The guy covers swimming. Ehhhhh lets wait until a more reliable reporter writes something.

I would think North Carolina, Florida State, Clemson fans would much prefer the SEC for travel purposes. I am clueless about Virginia, their fans don’t seem to be as rabid from what I’ve read to date. Them and Duke may much prefer the B1G academic side.

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This touches on the most sense I can make of the Pac-ACC partnership on the ACC side. It’s protection in case the GOR cracks. A prelude to two conferences with a common football league (and TV contract).

But I am not buying this yet.

Too bad we aren’t AAU, we would be the B1G’s #1 target IF they wanted into Texas with a non-SEC school.

I HOPE we are making calls regardless.

We are headed to a TWO Power conference structure.

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Now we can be more selective and have the PAC and ACC leftovers interview for a spot in our conference.

We add some to the west and some to the East.

I’m thinking Washington and Oregon will end up in the B1G…just a matter of time

Just noticed that Duarte follows Braden Keith on Twitter

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As well as Pat Forde

He’s a legit source, HOWEVER, he covers swimming… I don’t know how much weight we should give this.