Per Duarte: UTSA game is approaching a sellout

Agreed. Apparently UCF let in 15k students for their opener. No idea why we cap ours at 5k.


Especially when it’s not a sellout


Any student that walks up should be let in. 15k would do wonders for us


Do we turn away students if there’s room for more?


Trust me, as Atlanta resident who works about 10 minutes from Bobby Dodd, the GT fandom is about 0. It is a school full of tech nerds from other countries, most of whom don’t even understand American football.

They will never regain the fanbase they once had.

Your definition of “full of” differs from mine.

They put tickets on sale for $15 after the uniform reveal there is no way they do that if it was close to a sellout.

The Ga. Tech / Louisville game was one of those ESPN “Kickoff” games. Asking why the game wasn’t held on campus at Georgia Tech is like asking why the UH / Washington State Texas Kickoff game was played at NRG instead of TDECU.

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I didn’t know that since they are both ACC teams

I think ESPN is having a harder time getting teams to agree to the Kickoff games. There was no Houston Kickoff game this year and no Dallas game. Getting Ga. Tech to move the Louisville conference game to the Atlanta kickoff game was probably the only way the Atlanta game could be played.

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Ah thanks make more sense. I had now idea they were doing that

Not really true. Georgia Tech signed a 5 year deal to move a home game to Mercedes Dome. Yellow Jacket fans were pissed after hundreds of millions spent upgrading the Dodd.

They draw way less there than on campus.

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Wait so it wasn’t a kickoff game?

No they are let in the gates

37,862 announced.

Probably more like 33-34K butts in seats.


That’s pretty good considering the heat, the Astros, played the SA Beep-Beeps, and Oregon level ugly uniforms.

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The uniforms were a huge success and received much less backlash than I expected.
It was a great seeing that the of Houston history in our stadium.



Whether a sellout or not, Dana and the players commented on the crowd being great and them feeding off of the crowd’s energy.


Yep, I just watched the presser and that is what CDH started off with.


Maybe espn is paying less for the events or teams are less willing to play a “neutral” game? FSU vs LSU is a big one but there are definitely fewer.