Per Duarte: UTSA game is approaching a sellout

IMO, students should have priority. Give em the upper deck too. They’ll be louder anyway!


Students want to be together, they aren’t filling out the upper corners just to be inside.

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True, but let them go shoulder to shoulder in the student section. The more the merrier. If those sections technically hold 5K, then 10K “can” fit. They will love the crazy student atmosphere and so will the rest of the stadium.

Seats don’t work like that, but i get it you want them standing and acting like crazy college kids the whole game.

15m for 10 years (ends after next year). They have an option to extend for 7.5m for 5 years.

Im saying open up those sections to students, hence they’d be together. If our students don’t want to be inside our games, regardless of where they sit, we haven’t built enough excitement around the program/being a coog.

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I believe all the students that wanted to attend were able to. The Big 12 games are another story, especially UT. Should we reserve 10k seats for students for the UT game? I’m all for that. I was able to attend UT games when I was a student. However, we played in a much larger stadium and had far fewer students.


I’d be all for it! Those are future alumni, and a great game can equal a lifelong memory that keeps them coming back and being a proud alumni. Also, students are often way more hyped and louder than the older fans


At this point, there’ll be no room from current purchased tickets. Of all games, that is one where we won’t need students to fill the stadium’s empty seats. They could all them standing room, though.

So you were saying??

Is “low quality trash” the right word for our football team?

3-wins is generous now.

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Boring. Yes.

Not good. Yes.

“Low quality trash” I reserve for certain people in our fanbase.


Yes, I was saying “So you are saying based on someones “prediction” I should jump to the conclusion that the football team is low quality? Got it. Nice talking with you Aggie fan”

Good quote. Thanks for reposting my post

I agree now