Per McMurphy: SMU has made its pitch to join the ACC for free


SMU on their way to the ACC


Funny. I don’t feel bad for Memphis. They’re just not a good school. SMU is a good school.


SMU and Memphis trying to sell the same BS. They have all this big time $ ready to back them AFTER getting in a P4. They will deliver on all promises AFTER. Yawn


Name one that is more deserving. I’m not an SMU fanboy but pls.

Saw a Memphis fan bragging on a tweet about how they play at the Liberty Bowl and FedEx Forum. IMO, that is the main thing keeping them from being a P5/P4


Outside of Stanford, who you clearly hate.

UH, UCF, Cincinnati, SDSU, WSU, Oregon State, Tulane

For the 100th time, I don’t hate Stanford lol. I’ve made several post that I want them in the Big 12 along with Cal

Well the first three should be off your list correct?

Free ?!? Damnnn… That’s a big gamble and crazy.

I’m sure there’s only one Stanford and not two lol


I’m emphasizing the fact that those 3 teams have actually competed at the highest level in the AAC.

SMU got caught numerous times, even after formal warnings, for recruiting violations which resulted in them getting the death penalty. That’s a big deal. Sure, they can buy their way into national relevance again, but it’s a slap in the face to schools who actually deserve it.

And I’ll be honest - I actually wanted SMU in the Big 12 for the sake of having Texas rivalries, but TCU is who is blocking that move.

But SMU buying their way into the ACC? That’s embarrassing and sad

Yeah. Stanford along with Stanford would be kind of interesting

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Lmao my bad

I meant Cal

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Jeez. Get over the death penalty. What was that like - 40 years ago? Again, don’t blame them for wanting to get the last boat out of the G5. And if they have the money, god bless ‘em.


Gotta cut deep when Memphis and SMU get off the plane to face…Rice

Hey to be fair… in the age of NIL it doesn’t really matter now. That being said, SMU didn’t play by the rules several times and got the kick.

And who in the SWC played fair?

Who got caught?

Yeah all the schools violated, but SMU did it consecutively even after warnings

Well I think we lost some scholarships and bowl ops no?