Permanent Return of the Air Raid?

We aren’t contending for championships this season. Our best option for 2023 is to air it out.

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It took a while, but Dana finally realized that we aren’t a ground and pound team. He actually admitted as much after the WVU.

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TCU did ok with the Air Raid last year. Technically they didn’t win any championships, but I’d settle for an undefeated regular season, an appearance in the championship game, and a #2 final ranking.

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Did the same thing last year mid season.

Our OL is not going to magically change into a ferocious run blocking machine.

When Smith passes he has time to pass. No one else has a more talented pass rush than do The ‘Horns. And Smith had time to pass against them.

Screw it. Pass for over 400 yards per game, taking running plays if they present themselves.

We then at least have a shot in every one of our 5 remaining games.


I’d rather we fling it around like the ole ball coach (GRHS), 450yds a game while running for 50 ending up 10-3 or 9-4 than trying the ground and pound, ending up 6-7, occasionally 8-5 (cough). I prefer entertainment for my dollars.


THIS. Win some games, put out an exciting product, and the 6’8” 380 run blockers will come. Then we can run the balanced offense.

Our problems are mostly personnel issues. We need improved talent.

Must impress during our last 5 games. Players want to play for winners. Always have.

Dana is at a critical moment. He absolutely can put together a good program.

Cannot look pitiful during these games. Throw it.

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