Permanent Return of the Air Raid?

Most fans know that it was Dana who installed the Case Keenum Air Raid offense while Dana worked as OC under Sumlin.

With no running game yesterday we passed for lots of yardage and scored 24 points. No future 2023 opponent has a defense better than what UT has.

We lack an OL that can effectively run block. This can be cured only via recruiting. Not this season.

It seems obvious what Dana should do. What we saw yesterday can run up over 400 yards per game vs lesser foes. And that will open up some running opportunities.

Case Keenum and our Offense beat Penn St. in our 2011 Bowl Game by throwing for over 500 yards. Hardly any running game.

Let’s do this! Indeed I predict it.


Should it come back? Yes. Will it come back? Judging by previous seasons, probably not.


I think we still need a running attack. Our biggest weakness is that 1–2 yards we need on 3rd or 4th down. Texas has bruiser that comes in for the wildcat on those plays and he was hard to bring down. McCaskill was supposed to be that guy, but NIL got us.

I think it would benefit Dana to look for someone who can move a pile like that in the portal next season.

That system worked against CUSA

Won’t work against P5 teams game in game out

Running between the tackles successfully is still amazing. Herman was able to do it. Although I get it might be a little ways off.

We have 5 games left and a 3-4 record. We can’t run the ball effectively against P5 opponents. And to win games, must score. Nothing to lose. Run Air-Raid offense rest of season. At least we’ll be fun & exciting to watch. And I think we’ll win more games than trying to grind it out.


Leach got TT to #1 doing that. Sure they lost to OU but until then they were unstoppable.
Heck,OU won a Natty doing that.

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Assume that our new defense can hold opponents at or below 28.

The Air Raid can score more than that. It almost scored 31 against an excellent defense. Would have without the two turnovers.

Our strength is our WR Corps. It isn’t our OL.

Let’s just Case Keenum it and see what happens.


Chiefs won a Super Bowl with air raid but whatever.


All the mesh yesterday was a thing of beauty. There may be a better direction for the UH offense to go, but if we’re sticking with Dana, he needs to do what he does well - and that’s the Air Raid.

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While in CUSA we beat Okie St., Miss. St., UCLA, Tx Tech, and Penn St. operating out of The Air Raid.

In 2008 Mike Leach beat the Nation’s #1 team, The Longhorns, operating The Air Raid.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

It sells tickets, by the way.


If you want stats, Air Raid. If you want championships, a more balanced attack.


The sloth should be back next week in all its glory

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In 2023 we will win no Championship. Of anything.

So let’s try to win all 5 remaining games, and sell tickets.

The next very important thing is 2024 recruiting. Extremely important.

Let’s wow the recruits and sign a bunch of studs.


Disagree - The key to winning a championship is stockpiling blue chip talent

Yes, you are correct. UH doesn’t have enough ships to give for all the 5 :star:s that want to come to UH.

I’m saying teams CAN win a natty with the Air Raid, but no one is without top talent

I’m not sure, but I think all high scoring offenses require a running game to complement the passing game. Air Raid, Run n Shoot, etc.

Seems like maybe they used the successful passing attack to setup the running game.

I understood the premise behind the Run n Shoot, but never did understand what drove Air Raid. I remember when Leach had wide gaps between the offensive linemen. I didn’t see how that could work but it did.

In some ways the team had to shift to the Air Raid in some games out of necessity this season. If we just come out passing and look like we gave up running the ball, the defenses will stop putting as much effort into the run (which might open up a few good runs).

It came back last year…but Smith doesn’t have Tune’s accuracy yet and I don’t think he’s as shifty in the pocket.

So, yeah we’ll throw more, I think, but only after we try running. Sometimes successful passing enables the run, we’ve seen that before.

NIL is changing everything in CFB, these kids want to get paid, and play immediately. Which means talent will spread out CFB. But your UT’s and OSU’s of the world will get the pick of the litter, literally. Then they’ll be everyone else who have great NIL for the players.