Pete Carroll and hiring minorities in the nfl

I was for affirmative action the way it was created but not any longer. In this case I 100% agree with Pete. IMO this is exactly why you have so many coaching retreads that should not be in these positions.

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forcing anyone to hire anything other than the best most qualified candidate available for the position is dumb. if the most qualified person is black, white, green, blue or whatever - it does not matter.

this is always a sensitive subject for whatever reason but I’ll stick to my guns on this one.


The problem is that there are too many hires in the NFL not based on the best candidate, but who you are or who you are related too.

That being said, I don’t like the idea of forcing teams to hire minorities. It becomes a quota system …


The new NFL rule states that every Team in 2022 must hire a minority as an Offensive Asst in some capacity. Meanwhile in 12 yrs as HC of Seattle-- Carroll has never had a minority as an OC. The kettle is officially on n it is Burning.

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It’s a slippery slope.

I don’t know the NFL rules. If there’s a limit to the number of coaches you can have on staff. But, maybe you create a position that is designated for a minority candidate. If there’s no limit, then it’s a moot point. You can say there’s stigma to being that position, but if they don’t are they going to question every minority coach on staff? It may be well intentioned, but the first lawsuit against it will get it thrown out.

I look at it as the owners are a bunch of NIMBY’s. they’re all for it, as long as somebody else does it.

It almost sounds like this is what they are doing, and paying for it out of a general fund.

I feel sorry for who gets that job as they will be looked at only for their “qualification” and not their knowledge.

Carroll has it right though.

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Must hire a woman or ethnic or racial minority.

How did women get added to this rule?

The idea is that former players who played in college or NFL, cant get a shot about becoming a NFL coach. But they’ve played football their whole life and know the game. So heres a rule. Okay.

Women have not played football their entire lives. So how are they qualified? How long is their “football resume”?

Its the NFL having no balls. And not wanting to be sued


The idea is that there are qualified minority applicants but they are being discriminated against during the hiring process. The idea is NOT to give just anyone a job because of their race.

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The NFL is a country club of owners who let you pay them for the privilege of watching them play with their toys and pretending you’re involved via merchandise. People shouldn’t be surprised at their idiotic hiring practices. But also, if they don’t want scrutiny, they shouldn’t continue enjoying federal anti trust law exemptions and taking public money for their stadium boondoggles.


I fully understand what affirmative action is, or in this case forced affirmative action I suppose.

There are currently already women hired in NFL Organizations under Coaching titles.

Your post suggests that merit is not a determining factor when AA is implemented. I am suggesting that it is.

my post suggests hiring the best possible candidate for the position, period.


Do you think that in some instances the best candidate is a minority but because of discrimination they are not hired? That seems plausible to me. That’s what AA is supposed to correct.

im sure in some instances that could be the case. so force everyone to hire someone of color is the answer then?

Happy to have some agreement! I don’t know what a good answer is to be honest.

Pete Carroll is saying that there plenty of great African American coaches 100% capable of beibng hired but they are not. There lays the problem. The nfl circle is indeed a country club. How many coaches or g.m. would be fired if they produced as badly as they are in other private industries? The vast majority.

Surprisingly or not, there are a lot of CEOs that fail at one company only to get hired at the next as well. Considering that is much of the same circles as NFL owners, I personally am not surprised by it.

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That’s pretty much been in play for centuries in all kinds of industries and businesses. The thing is, owners can hire whomever they want to and will find a way to get around any kind of rule that would impede their choice from being hired. These guys have all kinds of political clout as well.

Welcome to the '60’s . . . . .