Peyton and Eli on MNF

Anyone watching this? There’s no one better than Peyton Manning or Tony Romo on breaking down football and explaining it to the audience. Especially in the offensive side of the ball. I’m convinced of it.

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We need to be recruiting their nephew.

Peyton has said plenty of times that Cooper was the best brother of the bunch.

I would love to sit around a table and listen to that family talk football.

I enjoyed the College Bowl on NBC this season with the Manning brothers as moderators. Anyone else watch it.? If it comes back I would love to see our university represented.

“The best coaches call plays that make their players feel comfortable”. Peyton when talking about Dan Campbell and Jared Goff.

Very interesting quote.

I haven’t watched the NFL in 15 years. I wouldn’t know a single player…except the ones being prosecuted.

I do wear my Raiders gear though…for street cred.


Not your best post FunkMaster


Requesting permission to revise and extend…

Yes. No

OK…I watched three Raider games when they drafted DJ Hayden but my unbridled hatred of the NFL analysts on Fox and ESPN made me shoot my TV with an elephant rifle.


Watch some Romo and Nantz on CBS. And Peyton and Eli on ESPN2.

raiders lost street cred by moving to vegas….it’s a glitz and glamour under the bright lights show now….not a gritty oakland working class mans team, or LA south siders hood team anymore, ditch your raiders gear for some cleveland browns or pittsburgh steelers gear

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I wonder why people think they have to post how much they hate the NFL, like it’s some kind of badge of honor. So you don’t like it then don’t watch it, obviously many of us do like it and watch it and we don’t really care how much you don’t like it.


Because they are insecure


The hatred for NBA of some members on here must have been sleep. Was waiting on one of those to pound the chest.

NFL sucks. They’ve gotten better with offenses bringing some innovation and pizazz, but the NFL still sucks.

Forget Arch Manning (the nephew) Peyton already told you he’s going to West Virginia. LOL.

Sounds like Pat McAfee was saying WVU. I didn’t even hear Peyton or Eli acknowledge Arch when Pat brought him up. Lol

It’s a done deal…“bookmarket”

I keep forgetting they’re doing these. Arch may be the first student-athlete to make $10 mil as soon as he signs with a college team.

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