Pezman at CNP/UH Alumni today

Additions to ticket office staff are expected to be completed soon. Just not enough throughput with existing staffing levels.
Working out the details on use of IPF for tailgating.
Concerning conference realignment, all “we” can do at this point is take care of “our” business in all sports. Good products on the field. Recruit well. Need more donations and more butts in seats (season ticket holders & single game sales) to help address losing good coaches due to modest salary increases.
Go Coogs!


Thank you for the info. Which good coaches have we lost due to modest salary increases?

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Can’t think of one myself. Just passing along the information. I got the impression that he was not nesessarily referring to anybody in particular but rather trying to convey that if we want to keep good coaches, we’ll need to consistently raise more funds. More or less an example of one of the things that “we” could do between now and realignment.

Guessing Tennis Coach Courtney Steinbock going to Arkansas might have been what he’s referencing.

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That’s possible, but while we should always learn from the past, as the executive that will lead our athletic program into the future, my hope is that he really was focusing on anticipating the many different scenarios we might face in the future and preparing to address them. As we consistently grow our base and donations, “modest” takes on higher and higher values. In that context, I can imagine we might encounter a situation where a good coach might be offered a job at a mid to low level P5. We might be able to keep that coach (assuming we want to) with a modest salary increase. Not all good coaches will get the chance at coaching the upper crust programs. Salaries being equal, I assume that a good coach would choose our beloved university over the mid to low range P5 because they would win more here and not really ever have a legitimate shot at the year end invitational.

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I’d like a modest salary increase.

Wait… what? Indoor tailgating? We dont need an
“astrodome effect” for tailgating. Count me out. Part of the experience is going through the elements with the team. It builds better more loyal fans. IMHO

Fans are getting exhausted and leaving at halftime. Like it or not, the heat and 11:00 kickoffs are a huge issue. Loyal fans will suffer through the elements, but winning builds loyal fans, not suffering. Loyal fans are lost from suffering, not built.


Couldn’t disagree more.

Winning builds fill in, non-hardcore fans. I’ve been to every SEC stadium. And, I promise you, not one of them has indoor anything. And, in inclement weather they’re still packed.

Apples and oranges comparison unfortunately. You get hardcore fans as well when you’re the only game in town. Urban universities across the country are dependent on casual fans. Large State universities are much less so, unless it’s to maintain high merchandise sales.

Houston, and other urban school had to make their product stand out more constantly usually by winning. As well making the game day experiences as good as possible to keep fans coming back. SEC schools could make their seats into colonoscopy seats and since they are the only game in town on Saturday people will still show up.

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The only problem with what you are saying is that these major universities are in non-major towns/cities. This means travel for their fans. These are 60k to 100k stadiums. So, while I agree somewhat, I travel to lots of coog games most do not. There are far more traveling fans for these schools than ours. I would definitely define fans that travel as hardcore.

Also consider that the culture in the traditional SEC states is that they have a huge number of hardcore fans that have never attended an hour of actual college at the universities they follow. They will not even have anybody in their families that attended the school. This is partly due to the fact that they love football and have traditionally not had successful NFL teams to support. The school are also not really that far apart. Bubba, and do appreciate the Bubbas of the world, will load the family in the RV, pack the BBQ, paint his face, and travel to see his favorite team because it is their chosen form of entertainment. SEC country is vastly different than Houston. This of course does not apply to all fans, but that fan base is “fanatic”!


My older sister (she’s now my younger sister, women’s time is oddly different) was the first in my family to attend college and she graduated from LSU, where I also went 2 1/2 years. Our family, and extended family, were rabid LSU fans growing up. That was common in Baton Rouge, and Louisiana as a whole.

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All of which is what I’m getting at. None of these ppl would allow the elements to get to them and miss tailgating and games.

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These people are insane. This dude in the second link tried to kill his son over a Bama loss. Let’s please get back to a logical discussion. I’m a huge fan, and five hours in 90 degree heat kills me, much less friends and family who aren’t the rabid fan I am. With 60 inch 4K Ultra TVs in the A/C, even the Bamas and UTs and Aggys are being challenged.

The first link discusses how even the SEC had its lowest attendance since 2005 and the FBS had the largest attendance drop since 1983.

Man charged with attempted murder Man charged with attempted murder

That guy literally needs to be checked for rabies.

That was in 2003, I wonder what the outcome was.

Well, we may be ahead of the curve. Instead of increasing to 60K, our stadium is the right size and we don’t need to downsize as those teams listed in the article are doing.