Pezman Looking to Schedule Former SWC Schools

Can we just join a P5 already

I feel the opposite. I think UT will play us but not A&M. There will be a riot in college station if they schedule us.

Hopefully they do well enough to meet us n a ny6

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Totally agree!!! Plus I think that they are our best chance at a P5.

I’d do 2-2s with Baylor and Arkansas (4 game series). But no thanks to UT and A&M.

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Yup. I can’t quite believe that anyone would seriously think otherwise.

Not to bring facts into the discussion, but we had a deal going with Texas for a while. They agreed to play us at Hofheinz for Clyde’s first game in 1998. And they gave us a 2-for-1 a couple of years later, and said they were going to rotate us and Rice on consecutive 2-for-1 deals. But after Bleachergate, they told us to get bent and only scheduled Rice.

Bleachergate is why DeLoss hates us to this day. Maybe Chris Del Conte will have a different attitude, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

They have too much to lose

I can see TCU playing us
Maybe Baylor

Aggies and Longhorns know the way to prevent an HTownTakeover is to ignore us, undermine us, placate us, but never never give us a chance to beat them.

Since we beat OU in 2016 how many Houston area recruits have they lost to us?


TCU wont schedule us unless they change their scheduling protocol of FCS, SMU, P5 or the Big 12 goes back to 8 game conference schedule. Baylor would probably be the best bet now that Art is gone.

Probably zero!

When are G6 schools going to take some type of anti-trust action. It seems to obvious.


I doubt they ever do. This has been discussed before, and at the very real risk of this changing the course of this thread, who exactly would they sue?

Most likely the reason is they can schedule a cupcake at home, give the fans at thrill. We’ve done it, too. Beating us doesn’t help them and losing to us hurts them. Most P5 schools already have tough schedules in-conference. Hats off to some schools like OU and Ohio State and USC for scheduling tough OOC games. I understand it entirely, especially if we are looking for a one-and-one.

Better question might be how many did they lose to other schools because they lost to us

With our recent success, beating UH is likely a boost in standings. Few “G5” programs are probably in that category.

Pez just needs to offer a deal sweet enough that they bite. Then he just needs to decide if that’s financially justifiable for UH. Even a short term hit might be worth it for long term gain.

ESPN/ABC. Follow the money.

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However, it took them over 50 years to overturn that request. Very interesting story though, turns out he was killed by his valet and possibly his attorney was in on it (never proven) and they tried to steal his fortune, if they had gotten away with it Rice University would not exist today.

Wasn’t ESPN at the helm in paying off each B 12 member with more money per the contract if they would forgo expansion? And this was concurrent or immediate to the B12 application for expansion charade from a couple of years ago. Always sounded like collusion to me.


When we played one of our games at UT when we were ranked, it was their largest crowd as of that time. They did not lose money. If we did a deal where when we play at their house they keep don’t pay us and when we play at our house we don’t pay them, I think that would be fair and would work well for both.