Pezman Looking to Schedule Former SWC Schools

Interesting article from Duarte from today’s Chronicle. Not a shock in the goal, but he’s pretty forward that UH would go so far as to move future games to make it happen.

Pezman said the chance to renew what he calls in-state “natural rivalries” is not only worth pursuing but shuffling any future non-conference games to make it happen.

“If one of these (in-state schools) becomes available we’re going to do whatever we can to move things around and make it happen,” he said.


Nice, now let’s see if any of these opponents actually have the balls to accept.


I could see Arkansas, Baylor,TCU and maybe A&M playing UH but UT will never play UH.

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It’s not so much of “having the balls,” it is more of overcoming their hatred of UH. That is real and has been in effect for a very long time! It all goes back to the time when we integrated our teams and started beating their lily-white teams, forcing them to do the same in order to compete.

They have never forgiven us. Racism is still rampant in Texas, even though they will deny it to their dying breath!


Chris Del Conte is not refusing to schedule us because some old racists are mad that UH integrating forced other SWC foes to do the same in order to compete.


At some point they have to play us because we are unavoidable. We will be a top 25 fixture. We are very close to that point.

With the number of NFL players and now Ed winning national awards coupled with the rise of the AAC, we become very difficult to recruit against unless you are UT or A&M.

People have to play us.



Rice University was started by a Racist. William Marsh Rice.
In his will, Rice mandated that the university to bear his name would be for “whites only.”

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UT played us in football after the swc fell apart until we screwed te pooch. And has played us in basketball and baseball. How does that play into the everybody hates us and is afraid of us narrative?


They are man…They refuse to play us…and how about Texas A&M and Baylor…not one game since SWC breakup…or 1995.

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Deloss Dodds is still involved with UT not until that old fart dies then maybe UT will play UH.


I would like to see UH schedule LSU, USC and Notre Dame.


Its all about recruiting. LSU, A&M, UT wont play us because a loss to us could speed up our rise. Think about what happened when we tied UT in 68. They can recruit Houston without playing us (for now). Arkansas has been playing A&M up in Dallas so a game against us in Houston might make sense. Nebraska and Colorado makes a lot of sense.

Houston beating OU was no fluke, if you are LSU do you risk that happening in a primary recruiting base against a rapidly rising school?


everybody wants to schedule Notre Dame. They have a select group of teams they will schedule. UT is the one from Texas.

I bet tcu would be on board

Agree, and obviously Tech has but I doubt anyone else would.

One thing i wouldnt do is move pac12 games, they have been very good about ooc games

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Haven’t played USC since 1996 or 1997.

We Beal LSU 20 - 7 and ushered in Nick Saban in 1999…thank you very much LSU. They haven’t scheduled us since

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It’s bad for business for am and ut to play UH.