PFF: 101 Best players in College Football

Coogs get 2 on the list (44-Ward and 88-Taylor). Coogs, along with TCU and A&M, are 1 of 3 teams in Texas to have 2 players on the list and, along with A&M, the only team in Texas to have a player in the top 60 (2-Myles Garrett, 44-Ward).

Dallas Morning News with the state of Texas breakdown of the list:

44 seems a tad low.

Not sure if you misread it initially like I did. At first I thought they were saying #44 in Texas but it is actually #44 in ALL of college football. Considering that I don’t think that is bad considering all the P5 schools and their top players.

I get that, but he is supposed to be a dark horse Heisman candidate. At 44 I’d say there’s a disconnect between these guys and most others. It’s still vertu impressive and nice to see.

The Heisman is the best QB or RB in the nation, not the best player. So if he projected to be somewhere around 5th in the Heisman race (Watson, McCaffrey, Fournette, Mayfield) it would make since to be around the 40’s when you factor in the other positions.

I know it’s almost always given to them, but it isn’t a qb/rb award. A defensive player had even won it. But fair enough.

Yeah I should have worded that better.

“De facto” qb/rb award from the eastern time zone lol.

I remember Manti Teo and Tyrann Mathieu had some hype for the heisman. Maybe even a reciever here or there.

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