Phi Slama Jama Retro Gear


Phi Slama Jama 1.5

Jama Reloaded

Monsters Inc

Coogs of Holman St (wolf of wall street)

Nu Slama Jama

Tie Slama Jama


Still my favorite shirt to wear!

Carnivorous Coogs, they’re beating down teams.

Cullen Carnivores

Cullen Dynasty/Cougar Dynasty

Shasta’s Gladiators, because we haven’t lost at home this season. Let’s see how long that goes for?

I’ll share my Phi Slama Jama story. So around 1980 I was in 9th grade and my Dad and I went to Holfeinz to see the Coogs. The game sold out, so we were walking around the entrance and my Dad saw a guy he knew taking tickets at the door, his name was Tony and he used to take tickets for my Dads basketball games at Jones high school when my Dad was the coach there in the 60s. We go up to Tony and he tells us to just go in and don’t ever buy tickets again. So this goes on every game from then on. Flash forward to my senior year at Klein 1983 and by then I’m driving myself and taking my buddies and some double dates to go see these incredible ball games. All I would say was just shake Tonys hand and tell him thanks. My friends still talk about it. Thats a cool story bro.:grinning:


Here’s a novel idea; how about the Houston Cougars!


3TCulture for 3 Tenets that make up Cougar Culture.

I have a major fondness for Phi Slama Jama, I was at the 1983 National Championship game at 6 years old. I’ve bought some of the retro stuff in the past and can’t wait to see the full collection now that they have organized it rather than one offs. If it sells more merchandise and helps get more eyeballs on UH I’m all for it. It is part of our history and should be embraced. Why shouldn’t the school be able to make money off it?


Coog17: I like the Nu Slamma Jama. Could catch on.


Ordered a shirt. Thanks for the heads up.

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Absolutely phi slama… should be celebrated. The problem with Houston cougars have been not enough appreciation and respect of the glorious past and build a program that has the pride to be never mediocre and have the fans support and financial backing to ensure that. Demand better bcoz that’s what ur history tells u.

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Very clever, that! Way to go!

One more thing to always remember: every school in Texas can thank their lucky stars for the Cougars - we literally MADE them build new facilities and improve their teams to keep up with the Cougars. There would be none of that if it were not for UH!!!


I love it. I try to buy UH gear whenever I can but once you have 20 t-shirts with Houston Cougars written in various fonts you really don’t need any more, but I need these.

FYI (the mobile shop) and appear to have different selections.

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Only major problem with this name is that the current team doesn’t slam anywhere near what PSJ did. There were dunk stats for that team.


I would like to propose a contest to name our current team fraternity visa a via Phi Slama Jama " Alpha Gamma Nu "
Alpha - Dominant male
Gamma- Waves & Brightness & intensity of focus
NuBound- Play on words & meaning with Greek Alphabet " degree of freedom & great fixed point" & basketball rebounding

Have some fun with it - we have a great team and it needs a name to go with it. Go Coogs!

Both are the same company actually, Fanatics

Remember when Nike released Guy V Lewis inspired High LE’s about a decade ago but only sold them at Niketown in NYC?

Still got a pair though. Only wear them at Fertita these days!

I know both are Fanatics which is why it was weird they had different selections. I saw the pullover last night and thought that was cool and this morning spent fifteen minutes in my office looking for it online and could not find it on their website until I checked my phone again. I think the mobile site is the in store selection, maybe.

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No. Post some pictures or a link.