Phil Steele Top 40 - #3 Oklahoma, #2 Alabama, & #1 Florida State

Steele started counting down his Top 40 yesterday and has 3 free previews up so far. He’s pretty high on Cincy and says that they should be a contender for the NY6 bowl:

40. Utah
39. Cincinnati
38. Mississippi State
37. Air Force
36. Northwestern
35. Pittsburgh
34. Florida
33. Penn State
32. USF
31. Oklahoma State
30. Texas A&M
29. Auburn
28. San Diego State
27. North Carolina
26. Oregon
25. USC
24. Texas
23. Georgia
22. Nebraska
21. Louisville
20. Houston
19. Miami
18. Baylor
17. Ole Miss
16. Boise State
15. UCLA
14. Iowa
13. Michigan State
12. Michigan
11. TCU
10. Stanford
9. Notre Dame
8. Washington
7. Tennessee
6. Ohio State
5. Clemson
4. LSU
3. Oklahoma
2. Alabama
1. Florida State

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Another G5 team shows up today at #37: Air Force. Steele is saying that this might be the best team Calhoun has had since he’s been there as they return a number of starters on both sides of the ball.

Phil added 3 more since yesterday: 36. Northwestern, 35. Pitt, 34. Florida

33 Penn State was added today

Another AAC team today. USF preview now up:

Steele has concerns that they were lucky last year which may mean they aren’t as strong as initially thought. However, he still believes that they should be near the top of the East division.

31, Oklahoma State today

Aggies get the #30 slot today. Sumlin’s seat is going to be blazing if this comes true.

“Three of my 9 sets of power ratings call for 5-7 but my main one has 9-3”

Forget seat blazing, Sumlin just plain won’t survive going 5-7.

Next up, Auburn at #29

2 more today:

  1. San Diego State - Phil’s very high on SD State - 4 of his ratings say they can go unbeaten - could be favored in every game

  2. North Carolina

Can’t see SD State going undefeated. They could lose two of their first 4 games. California is not going to lose to San Diego State. And San Diego State a running team is playing Northern Illinois at NI home field Northern Illinois has made 6 straight conference championship games with a home record for the last 3 years of 19-2.

San Diego state probably has a slightly better chance than we do if going undefeated based on thier schedule

Oregon is next at #26

2nd straight Pac 12 Team

25 USC

Two observations.

The click numbers are what you would expect from Houston fans:

A&M 23 clicks
Cincy 18
USF 10
Air Force 10
San Diego St 8

Steele has not taken Baylor out of his Top 25. I wonder how much he penalizes them for the turmoil and departure of Briles? Or maybe this is the magazine Top 40 and it went to press before Briles was fired?

I believe this is the magazine edition as Steele is regularly tweeting out changes that have happened since going to press. Baylor may also still be a Top 25 team this year as they didn’t have the mass exodus of players that Penn State did when they had their scandal. More likely, especially if they keep the assistants, they will still be a Top 25 team, however, their future is bleak.

I like the click numbers next to the links; interesting to observe as you pointed out.

Lastly, Steele’s #24 team is Texas

23 Georgia

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2 more for the weekend, including another UH opponent:

22 - Nebraska

21 - Louisville

Steele is high on Louisville, as are most.

here’s hoping loserville is undefeated as are we the night we meet in TDecu…

Louisville has 11 receivers at 6’3" or taller. Ugh. Remember Cinci last year.

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