Pinks Pizza

I did not find out until a few hours ago I would be able to attend the pre-game event at Pinks on campus. Is it too late? I was not sure if it was a private event.

You are more than welcome. It is for all coogfan members.

FUN FACT: Many of you may know this already, but just in case. The Pinks Pizza on campus is Co-owned by an ex UH Football player and current UH Finance Professor.
You’re welcome if I just blew your mind. :boom::wink::beers::pizza:


How late does it go? I have a family dinner, but would love to drop by if it is going until later.


sorry to miss guys but I didn’t get home till late and couldn’t get there tonight.

Thanks everyone! It was great putting faces to some names. Thanks for the pizza and the get together Itcoog!

Thanks guys, enjoyed the conversations.

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