Places you miss from Houston past

Any favorite places you miss from Houston? Right now I’m thinking about Luther’s bbq.


Back in the 70s there was Jamie’s Hamburgers. It was a white tablecloth sit down restaurant with wait staff
located on N. Braeswood at Kirby (I think) that specialized in gourmet hamburgers. Buddy and I used to take our dates there before the UH games in the Dome,

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San Jacinto Inn…all you could eat seafood and chicken with great biscuits to boot. Excellent quality.


Oh man, Luther’s was fantastic.

I miss the Astrodome. Great place to watch a game and so much history.

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Hamburgers By Gourmet, Shamrock Hilton (Speakeasy Club 5 cent sandwiches), Tanny’s (sp?) across from campus on Calhoun, Bert Wheeler’s Liquor (99 cent Buckhorn six-packs), Valians on S Main, Vargos, Leo’s Mexican, the Monterrey House on OST, Strawberry Patch on Westheimer. the Ice Cream place in Westbury Square (Farrell’s??) <<<edit: Dont think that was Ferrells. Ferrels was at Almeda Mall>>>, Old San Francisco Steakhouse (the girl in the swing). Bill Williams Chicken.

Windsor Plaza Theater…saw Rocky there three times over Thanksgiving weekend in 1976, Woolworths downtown, Foley’s downtown and their 9th floor record section. The Houston Post (RIP…working there got me thru UH), Alfred’s Deli on Stella Link, Harlow’s on Hilcroft.

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Old San Francisco Steakhouse was another favorite of mine.

Miss the Post as well. Was nice to have a 2nd newspaper to help offset the Chron crap.

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I remember taking a girl I had gotten to know in the dorms to the OSFS and knowing I was WAY out of my league. LOL

Working for the Hobby family as my first job spoiled me. ‘Treating employees like family’ is a cliche but in their case it was true.

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Union Station, Reddicks Ice Cream in the Heights, Putt-Putt Minature Golf on Westhiemer, A&W Hamburger Drive-Inn on Westheimer, Youngbloods Fried Chicken on Bissonnet, Der Weinersniszel (sp) at Hillcroft & Bissonnet, PlayLand Amusement Park on South Main (Pre-Cursor to AstroWorld), Bill Williams Restaurant on South Main, Chung King Chinese Restaurant on Main near Medical Center… open until 2:00 am!!, Gus Klares C-Store and backroom beer room on Westheimer & Potomac… circa 50’s - 70’s, Piney Point Lighted Par 3 Golf Course Westheimer & aprox. Gesner…

will think of more later

I forgot about youngbloods. Absolutely great fried chicken and the worlds best strawberry shortcake. The old Valian’s Pizza on South Main right across from the Shamrock is another great mention. As is the old Piney Point golf course and Der Weinerschitzel. Great memories!!!

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Trader Vic’s in the Shamrock and The Polynesian Room (I think that is the name) on Voss rd. Zinnantes Delicatessen on Hillcroft.

Yes, add that to my list. Castle Golf & Games on the loop, Kiddie Wonderland (came after PlayLand but similar), Nathan’s Physical Whimsical in Sharpstown Mall, Sgt Singer’s Pizza in the Galleria, oh I think it was called Crazy Golf but it was a Putt putt place on West Belfort near the library and Post Oak, Luke’s Hamburgers by Dillards, the Yogurt Culture in the Galleria, Peppermint Park, Outback Pub (Big Ass Beer Nights rocked)…

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OSFS, Godfather’s pizza, Fame City, and Astroworld

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Six Flags Astroworld!!

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Shakey’s Pizza and Henry’s Steak House. Both were in Bellaire

Chuck Wagon on Bissonnet

I’m among the older natives here who grew up in Houston during the 70’s, 80’s, early 90’s.

Places that are longer there when I visit town, but will always live in my memories:

Farrell’s ice cream in The Galleria.

Panjo’s Pizza

Ducho’s Steak House


The Astrodome during the Love Ya Blue days, the rainbow Astros and all of my college years supporting the Coogs.


Houston Wrestling with Paul Bosch (get your tickets at 1919 Caroline!)

Don’s Records

San Jacinto Inn

Wyatt’s Cafeteria



Miller’s Outpost

Handy Dandy

Texas Tumbleweed

Luther’s BBQ




“Houston Proud” bumper stickers

101 KLOL

The Summit

The Goodyear Blimp on I-45 North

Robertson Stadium

China Star Restaurant

That small computer lab in Melcher Hall learning something called Minitab at the CBA … what was that again?!

Back In the day when am was king and very few people had fm KILT 610 was the number 1 radio station in Houston and they played top 40 rock and roll.

Old San Francisco Steakhouse
Strawberry Patch

Our pregame meal before damn near every home game at the Dome. The first pizza I ever ate.

My Paul Boesch story…I was with the Houston Post ad service department circa 1972 and picked up Mr Boesch’s advertisement copy when a German Shepard belonging to the upstairs tenant (a lawyer) broke loose from his chain in the driveway and proceeded to chew on my leg. I made it back inside and Mr Boesch let me bleed all over his office rug and his huge leather chair while he called an ambulance for me. He packed two towels with ice and wrapped my leg with one and put the other on the back of my next because he thought I was going to faint.

I got to meet and thank him several times after that. A nice a man as you could ever meet.

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