Planning Ahead In Case UH Is Left Out

I fear the leftover Big 12 will bypass Houston in favor of other AAC teams. So what would the plan be for the replacement of AAC teams?
If two teams other than Houston left for the Big 12 (8),
I would like to see the conference remain at nine football schools and play a round robin schedule if a championship game was allowed with only nine members. We’d then have four slots to schedule high profile schools to put our teams in a brighter spotlight as well as receive a nice payout.
If we lost four teams with Houston being left out, we’d need to add two teams for the nine team round robin.
What teams would we have to chose from? I’d think Southern Miss, La Tech, North Texas, Florida Atlantic, UTSA, SWT, etc. of those named I’d favor North Texas and Southern Miss.
My thinking is because of fear, prejudice, recruiting, and the probability that the PAC will take us when they decide to expand, the Big 12 will not seriously consider Houston. I hope I’m wrong!!

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Any addition is subtraction.


UH and SMU should join MWC at that point. If we lose 2 top tier programs this conference is done


if we get left behind we stay the course! stay in the AAC , and wait for the eventual playoff expansion

add enough members in the aac to get to 10… im in favor of high potential teams Georgi state/UMass… but who it is doesnt matter just get to 10… (side note: 90% of the teams you listed wont even be considered. USM is the only one that would get consideration from your list)

people saying this conference is done or whatever, are thinking way too shortsighted … after 2 years the conference will rebalance itself. in 2013 the aac was seen as a poor league below the MWC. memphis and smu were seen as c-usa bottom feeders… over the years the conference just rebalanced itself, which will happen again after whoever leaves …people talked about how the big 10 east was the most dominant division in all college football when it was formed that last 2 years, that it rebalanced itself

with playoff expansion (which 4 of the 5 p5 commissioners still support, and 1 “not sure”) , conference champions get playoff bids… being left behind could lead to more playoff invites

and the reason we do not expand more than 10 is so we can wait and see which programs can “boise” themselves in c-usa/sunbelt/mac and add them later on… App state for example is half way there… just wait till someone becomes a commodity over a period of time then add them later on… one of those g3 makes the playoffs 2 years in a row, bam! expansion to 12 with them

as long a espn remains a partner of the AAC… control what you can control and win games on tv …the rest will fall in place

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If the AAC loses two, chances are we need to add one to keep a championship game. There is a possibility that Navy bows out also, so we may need to add two.

My guess is that the top candidates would be UAB, Marshall, and Southern Miss. I have no preference between the those three. Others like UTSA or Western Kentucky may get some consideration if they can put together a knock-out presentation. A lot of it would depend on what sort of presentation they can give the league about their ability to increase their budgets and competitiveness.

If we lose Cincinnati and UCF I think our conference is on par with the MWC (assuming they don’t lose anyone). I don’t think we go anywhere if that happens, especially since my recollection is that SMU has no interest in going west with us. If the AAC loses four programs and we’re not one of them, though, I think we should to go with or without SMU (maybe consider North Texas or UTSA). Assuming Boise State is still in the MWC.

If AAC is fully depleted and the solution is to raid CUSA…then we should consider going independent for a few years.

The money probably wont be worth the damage to the reputation of just staying put in such a bad conference.


What ever the next combination is, we won’t be left out. We have more to offer than the leftovers. The prospects of Houston recruiting on the same level as themselves may have the leftovers piddling on themselves, but it doesn’t matter because this is driven by TV. The TV execs will not so kindly explain to them that their fears don’t matter, their opinions don’t matter.

The leftovers need to wake up and realize their purpose in life was to lose to Texas and OU and get paid to do it. Now they have to become relevant and relevancy doesn’t happen if you are ducking Houston. You need Houston.

A LOT of water will flow under the bridge before OU and UT leave the Big12 in two years (not one) …

The leftover8 won’t vote for expansion with OU and UT still members … they can’t gamble that the Sooners and horns will vote for UH (just for spite) …

Even the Pac12 could well expand in that two year period and no doubt CoogBong and his voodoo witchdoctor will still be around pushing the same ole lame ACC/B1G scenario …

MWC ewww

No way TU and Schooner stay past this year.
No way.


I think the Big 12 leftovers will be spread out among conferences. Just a hunch. Maybe not but could see it if UT & Okie leave after this football season.

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The Alliance
Irate 8

Starting to sound like a half assed Monday Night Raw from the late 90’s


I’m having a hard time seeing how the SEC can get 3 playoff spots, as some fear, if each conference champion gets a playoff spot.
PAC, Big, B12, ACC, SEC, AAC, MWC, Mid American, CUSA, Sunbelt, and possibly Notre Dame, and BYU. I guess it’s possible I with one per conference equaling 10. That leaves 2 left for SEC if Notre Dame and BYU are not in the mix.

Each champion isn’t getting a playoff spot. Highest ranked G5 is the only one getting in maybe 2 if someone has pictures of Sankey and Warren with dead women or live boys.


I agree. Also like Georgia St for their potential, they could develop into a UCF type. If another team is needed, maybe ULL or WKU. Travel is still best for AAC as well with SMU and Tulane close by. Flights to Tampa, Atlanta, Philly, Tulsa for other sports aren’t as bad as MWC trips. Not having to worry about games two time zones over (and Hawaii 5 time zones over).

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Insert the “no god, oh please no, no, nooooooooo” gif


Looking for this…


Really. I can’t believe we thinking this low already. Can’t wait to get ready for that trip to play UAB. :roll_eyes::unamused:

We went from playing the likes of USC, UCLA and Arizona to playing UMass and Rocco’s Beauty School all in a 24h hour period.

Please I can’t take it anymore.


Just drop football and redouble investment in basketball if that’s what it’s come to. TDECU can be redeveloped into a multi-use facility or more classrooms.