Players deserve more

Just putting this out there. I don’t post a lot but I do read and learn a lot from you guys on here.

  1. Don’t come to the games if you’re gonna Boo our players. That’s the highest form of disrespect for the hard work they do every single day.
  2. Do you think they enjoy this either?
  3. We all knew when we signed up to be a Coog that there would be hard days. At least we’re not 0-10

I felt like the boos were more for the way the end of the first half was handled. There were also boos after some ridiculous outside runs that haven’t worked at all yet are still attempted.

They stunk, they got boo’d, if they don’t like it play better. This isn’t the YMCA.

I do tend to agree about the booing; these are college kids playing for their school. I get that it was focused at the coaches, but the players do notice and do feel responsible for it.

I did like that many of us got up to give the players a standing ovation as they left the field at halftime after the boos. Don’t know if many noticed, but we were trying to convey the message that we still supported them.


They definitely deserve better. I feel for them. The boo birds are unnecessary.


Spot on ftbgirl. No booing. Just like this board really has no idea about what is happening behind the scenes of our football program, the players have no way to determine if the boos are meant for them, coaches, etc.


While I did not boo, I certainly felt like it at times!! And I can’t totally dismiss those who did as bad fans. The vast majority (if not all) were definitely booing the coaches. I can’t think of many good alternatives as to show one’s displeasure at the coaching staff and some of their decisions.

Boycott the games?..not a viable option for so many reasons

Post on a fan board?..not reaching the masses who might think we as fans (and ticket buyers) are supporting the coaching staff and are happy with the results

Call a talk show?..right. We all know how helpful that is.

Unfortunately there is no good/immediate way to voice one’s displeasure at the staff without possibly alienating the payers and other fans. How about the players and coaches leave the field at halftime in two separate groups? I know…ridiculous idea, but I wish there were other other solutions…I would be all in!

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What? You want the players to go and then the coaches so you can boo the proper unit? Man, you people.

I emailed the AD this morning. Well, I mainly emailed him about the multiple presentation gaffes last night, including the complete botch of honoring the 1968 and 1978 teams at halftime last night, but I did throw in that a change at DC needed to be made.


They should have picked up orange slices and participation trophies on the way to the locker room. We wouldn’t want to damage their fragile self-esteem.

Did you miss the ridiculous part of the statement? Perhaps I should have clarified the second part of that statement…not an endorsement of that idea!

I think they had a lot of technical issues last night. Sucks but it does happen. Remember when they played the weather bit it was just a loud hum the entire time.

I may have missed this at half time with a visit to the loo, but was Sam Hairston honored.

That’s next on my agenda.

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NEVER boo the home team…these are our boys…


Plenty to be frustrated with, but don’t boo college kids for their performance. Much easier to sit and criticize than to step in the arena and compete. Whether you direct it at the coaches or not, everyone on the field takes it personally.


I disagree, there was unsportsmanlike conduct on the field that should definitely be called out for what it was.

I don’t believe there was technical issues with the honoring of the 1968 and 1978 teams, just that the script was poorly written.

Normally, they announce all the accomplishments and announce the players that were on the field from those teams. Afterwards, they ask everyone to stand and applaud. Robert Ford, the PA Announcer, read through all the accomplishments of the 1978 team, and then there was just awkward silence as I guess we were supposed to watch the video. He then read through the accomplishments of the 1968 team and then awkward silence again. After the 2nd long awkward silence, the band director figured he only had so much time so he started into his program. I sit by the player’s tunnel where the 1968 team headed afterwards and you could tell some of them and their wives were a little upset considering there was no ovation for them as everyone waited for the “stand and applaud” prompt.
I’d be more likely to believe there were technical glitches if the PA announcer didn’t read off the accomplishments of both teams in full before the awkward silences. Maybe he hit the wrong button or something and went silent when he was supposed to keep talking, but to do it twice in a row? Just felt like a poor script and someone deserves to get admonished for it.

The Chita Craft video…man someone should have turned that off. As someone said behind me, sounded like Chita had turned into Optimus Prime from the Transformers.

And then there was the mess up at the end of the 3rd when the Dolls were supposed to do their normal dance routine. Someone pushed the music button right away and suddenly we got Sweet Caroline blasting out of the speakers before any announcement was made. That got cut off, long awkward silence with nothing coming from the PA, students started chanting “Let them dance,” and then finally Ford came on and announced the Dolls and they played the right music. Of course, it took so long, that the Dolls were still dancing when the refs were ready to start play and many fans were yelling at them to get off the field. Have to credit the dolls professionalism, though, they were out there in mid-40 degree weather in very little clothing and none of them moved an inch until their music played and then they finished the entire routine.

Maybe it was just a bad night, but man the presentation-side of the house was awful last night.


They honored Sam in the 3rd quarter and brought out one of his best friends and squad-mates.

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You mean 3 strait runs woth 126 on the clock?

I think it was obvious that the booing was for the coaches. The players ran the Briles play called for three runs in a row with under 2:30 left in the half. Wouldn’t surprise me if the offensive players were also scratching their heads as well in the huddle.