Playing field vs OU

Is UH going to play on the same turf that the Texans play last night ?! It looks nice.

Well it’s field turf…They’ve done away with grass at NRG except for special occasions. I imagine it’ll be the same field turf with OU and UH logos somewhere…

John Harris, the Texans sideline reporter, said the turf was colored turf instead of painted like we have in our end zones. So they would have to have different turf or play on turf with Texans logos I would think.

Some really good info on the NRG turf here

“Both end zones and Texans logo (midfield) will feature the UBU RAP system which can be removed for stadium conversion for future games.”

Sounds like it’ll be the same brand new turf the Texans are using (which O’Brien said the players loved after their 1st preseason game yesterday) but will probably feature the Advocare kickoff logo at midfield with Houston and Oklahoma end zones

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Geeze. And I asked our intrepid reporter from the Chron the same question and am still waiting for an answer. Thank goodness for Scout and CoogFans.

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