Please provide feedback to the Athletic Department

I’ve seen several posts on this board related to the game experience - good and bad - from the food, to the music, to the video clips, to the speaker volume (which I agree was terribly loud and something needs to be done about it)

As the CORE OF TRUE / DIE HARD FANS, we should be encouraged to provide feedback to the staff that impacts those that heavily consume the UH athletic product.

Below is some email contact information you can use to drop them a quick line about your experience:

• Chris Pezman - Vice President for Athletics -
• Pam Kehoe - Director for Marketing & Fan Engagement -
• Bruce Gregory - Dir for Event Operations & Facilities -
• Jake Velasquez - Director for Game Ops and Event Management -
• Katie Ortmann - Director for Game Ops and Event Management -


Agree. But we also owe it to them to tell them what we think is good, too.

People respond positively to feedback when they know its done in their best interest.


I’ve contacted Pezman twice via e-mail regarding updating the athletic website with no response and no update. I’m beginning to doubt that he cares. My issue is with the Athletic/Alumni center web page on (>recruits>facilities>Athletic Alumni Center). The information on the site hasn’t been updated since the 1990s when the center opened. It still says that we belong to Conference USA. That’s absurd, especially since this site is where it’s likely potential recruits go for information on the program. There’s no mention of the new cafeteria for athletes or the new Learning center. It’s lack of attention to details like this that drive me nuts.


Holy cow! That’s somewhat hilarious and sad at the same time.

Edit after reading a bit it’s only that one section that isn’t updated. All the other stuff appears to be up to date. And the reason that one isn’t is because it was built so long ago.

Wait. Wait. Wait. First let the athletic department spend 100K for a consulting agency to design a fan survey response mailer. THEN they won’t listen to you.


Sent email to 2 of those listed above. Thanks!

Don’t miss the opportunity!