Please take 2 minutes to support UH med school... #UHadvocacy

Right now the new legislative session has started in Texas (started 1/8/19), and our administration is lobbying hard for funding for the UH College of Medicine… This is EXTREMELY important, so please take a couple of minutes to click the link below.

Coog fans, alums, students, & anyone who calls Htown “HOME”… Please take a minute 2 click the link & enter your information. It will send a prewritten form letter 2 your elected representatives expressing support 4 University of Houston Med School :paw_prints: #EXTREMELYimportant #SupportUH


I did this back in October or November I think and my state rep sent me a reply in December saying he fully supports the UH med school and making sure we have enough residency spots in the state. But, says he, I can’t really do anything about it now because I lost my re-election bid! LOL!

I’ll send to my new rep…

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It would be awesome if the school would quit sending me “reminders” to do what I’ve already done. :rage: