POD: Focusing on Houston's new group licensing agreement

On this episode of Pawd Slama Jama, Andy Yanez sits down with Paul Pogge, Executive Vice President for Strategy and University Relations at The Brandr Group, who on Tuesday announced a group licensing agreement with the University of Houston for the university’s student-athletes covering all the Cougars’ 17 sports.

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Pogge talks about the backstory of The Brandr Group; specifics on potential Name, Image and Likeness deals that UH athletes could benefit from under the agreement; how long the agreement will last; potential merchandising products that could be on the horizon; and the ultimate vision of the partnership with UH athletics.

Then, cohost Da’Yon Dunlap joins the show as both Yanez and Dunlap discuss whether Houston athletics has begun to garner more national attention; and they talk about what the university can do to get more eyeballs to the athletics program as football season draws close.

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