PODCAST: Big 12 open for business + Houston men's basketball discussion!

Good morning y’all. We are back with a new podcast after last week’s bye! Kris Gardner of the Houston Roundball Review joined the show! Gardner and I talked Day 1 Big 12 media day:

-B12 open for business
-B12 looking for traditional TV deal
-Yormark to visit UH in next few months

We also talked about UH men’s basketball!

-Jarace Walker models game after LeBron, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown
-potential lineups for upcoming season
-3 UH players get drafted in 23 NBA Draft?

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On this episode of Pawd Slama Jama, host Andy Yanez is joined by guest host Kris Gardner of the Houston Roundball Review to discuss Big 12 Football Media Day 1 takeaways and University of Houston men’s basketball’s five-star recruit Jarace Walker.

The Big 12 Conference, which Houston will join on July 1, 2023, hosted Day 1 of its football media on July 13. During the availabilities, incoming commissioner Brett Yormark, who is slated to take over at the position on Aug. 1, 2022; was introduced to Big 12 media. He talked about the conference potentially pursuing expansion from Pac 12 schools and others. He also talked about future TV right deals for the conference; potential deals with Oklahoma and Texas to leave conference early; and more!

Then, Chris Baldwin of PaperCity Magazine spoke with Jarace Walker and talked about who he models his game after in the NBA as well as what he is looking forward to with the Cougars this upcoming season. Yanez and Gardner break down their thoughts on Walker’s comments and discuss potential starting lineups for the Cougars in 2022-23 season.

To read the PaperCity Magazine article, visit here: https://www.papercitymag.com/culture/jarace-walker-houston-wants-jayson-tatum-lebron-james-skills/

1:57 - Brett Yormark takeaways
4:14 - Big 12 is open for business
9:24 - Big 12 TV deal goals
16:50 - On Texas and Oklahoma
20:03 - Jarace Walker UH goals
23:38 - What position will Walker play?
26:00 - Potential Houston rotation
37:00 - Way too early 2023 NBA Mock Draft
47:00 - Signing off

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