Podcast on Big12 - Joseph Duarte

Flyover Country: What’s Houston’s route into the Big 12?

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JD, you outdid youself with this interview, and not simply because of the positive comments about UH. You gave a comprehensive presentation of a complex and multifaceted issue. I think the host brought up the predictable negatives that UH has to deal with and you responded by addressing those points with clarity and insight. Well done.

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Even though it has a 06/07/2016 date posted … all the conversation between Ubben and Duarte sounded dated …

Not impressed with Ubben … kept mentioning CTH leaving to UT or A$M regardless in spite of Duarte stating Herman has all these incentives to stay also got the impression Ubben wasn’t high on UH in spite of the positives Duarte stated happening at UH

Duarte just 2 days ago stated it was the Big12 or Bust but contradicted himself by mentioning the Pac12 was an option several times … another clue this interview was dated.

Neither mentioned the recent Big12 meeting nor all the current media blitz about there being only 3 candidates left … Duarte must of been out of touch/to lunch/in a coma since at the end he mentioned the other candidates were still viable besides the the consensus finalist UH BYU and Cincy.

From the conversation, I’m fairly confident this was recorded before the meetings. Regardless, I thought JD did a great job of making our case.

Ubben’s about as die-hard a Big 12 guy as they come. He’s been poking his head around the Coogs this past year after he got let go from FoxSports and has had some nice articles. He, however, is like most of the media that believes that Herman will leave and soon.

Seems the national media narrative has shifted to “the Big 12 doesn’t need to expand now, but if they did, UH, BYU, and Cincy would be the best choices.” Listened to the Audible yesterday with Stewart mandel, Bruce Feldman, and George Schroeder and that’s basically what all 3 stated. They do still believe that Texas and the Texas schools wouldn’t want to allow UH in, but I’m not sure that’s true anymore.

Here’s the link to the Audible Podcast - they start talking expansion candidates around 13 minutes in.

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Maybe so, but all in all JD did a good job with a guy who seemed to keep fishing for the negatives. That is harder than it might seem. JD was very patient with the guy and at times sounded like he was talking to a defiant teen.