PODCAST: UH Cougars Women’s Basketball HC Ron Hughey says “Big Dance is a must,” recaps season & looks ahead

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Host Da’Yon Dunlap was joined by Houston Cougars women’s basketball head coach Ron Hughey in our latest Pawd Slama Jama episode. The two talked about the ups and downs of the 2022-21 season, including what Hughey wishes would have gone differently early on during the season. Hughey also talked about the strong year from guards Laila Blair and Britney Onyeje.

Hughey talks about the need for both of them to grow as leaders for the program in the 2022-23 season. The pair also talked about the adversity the team overcame towards the middle of the season during its six-game losing streak. Hughey also talked about the conversations he had with Tatyana Hill about needing to grow throughout the year.

Hughey also talks about the expectations for 2022-23 going forward. He says getting to the NCAA Tournament is a must for the program but must learn from the adversity the team faced in the 2021-22 season. The UH women’s basketball head coach also said he feels he has the support from the administration. Hughey then touched on his relationship with men’s basketball head coach Kelvin Sampson.

Hughey said the team is looking to bring in a point guard and a post player from the transfer portal but also touched on the number of players returning. Lastly Hughey gives a message to UH fans: “stick with us.”

There is no interest in our womens hoop team. I’ve tried to watch game but just too much street ball.
Hughey is a nice guy but for some reason has not been able to recruit here.

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He’s way over his head both in terms of X and Os and recruiting.
I’m really disappointed in our administration for not firing him, especially being a year away from joining the Big12.


I think all their focus is with the men basketball & football programs.

Correct there is little to no following of women’s basketball at UH, not a moneymaker, they need to focus on football, mens basketball, and get baseball back on track

They have no following because they have not been competitive for over a decade. We had fans such as me and many others that were loyal supporters of Lady Cougar basketball and still would be, but UH women’s basketball in its present state is just hard to watch. We need to go in a different direction…


Well it damn well shouldn’t be….After Men’s football and basketball….baseball, womens basketball and softball should be next on the list.

Correct, In 11,12,13,14 softball was in the NCAA tournament……then again 18,19….crowds were good, especially during that 11-14 run….

Track should be ahead of all those!

I left out track because they all ready compete at a high level and are in good hands.

Womens asst. Deneen Parker , hired as the Asst. Head coach at SMU. :expressionless:

Get out while the gettin’ is good

I was thinking the exact same thing…

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