Polls are bull****

5-1 App State ranked while 6-1 Houston unranked



ThEy AlMoSt BeAt PeNn StAtE


Texas Tech has the same record and a better in conference record so dont give me that Penn state crap

This weeks poll is utter garbage. Florida jumping UCF on a bye week? Trash


Texas Tech should be #25. App State has no good wins.

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They beat the ragin’ Cajuns by ten, what have we done


I don’t care if both us and App State are unranked, but was this serious? ULL is trash. They lost by a combined 88 points to Alabama and Miss St. Road win against Navy is a better win, Arizona is 100 times better, hell even our win @ECU is more impressive.

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Just kidding

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It’s all part of the master plan to get Texas into the CFP.


Back in the olden times they actually used the polls to decide the national champion! For all the faults of the playoffs it’s significantly better than what CFB had.

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That will be a real challenge, since Texas will get their butt kicked by WVU and TTech and maybe Iowa st too…USC and TCU are trash this year, and OU defense was laughable bad until Riley made old ECU coach his new DC…2nd half against TCU yesterday was first decent half of football OU played all year!
Texas isnt near as good as THEY think they are…


Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After the loss to Maryland, everyone thought UT was dead. The WVU and ISU games are in Austin and I am sure UT will try and take over TTU stadium. If UT loses one more game, they are out of CFP contention.

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That is exactly why I refer to those National Championships as “ Mythical National Championships “. Today’s NC are not much more believable.

Although Saban’s teams do seem a cut above.

Oh I completely agree but they went from unranked to Top10 in 2 weeks. If Texas wins at all no matter how ugly, ESPN etc will find a way to get them in there.


They need eyes on the LHN in order to cut their losses on that debacle (for espn, that is) !


We beat USF and UCF later in the year (AAC championship game) we will be the highest ranked G5. No worries.


We lost badly to Texas Tech so it doesn’t matter where they should be. What is our “good wins?”

If we beat USF Saturday, we are not only ranked but we will jump ahead of Appalachian State. If we lose to USF, then it doesn’t really matter what we are ranked this week anyway.

Just for a reference, I tried to find teams they played that we played as well. The closest I could find is this correlation, which really isn’t enough to make any argument one way or the other.

App State beat Arkansas State 35-9
Arkansas State beat Tulsa 29-20
We beat Tulsa 41-26

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App State did play PSU tough. And I like App State. But a loss is a loss.
The Big Ten will always seek out middling MAC or CUSA, or bottom dwelling MWC or AAC teams to play. And if the look decent will buy out the contract.

Big Ten conference is a Poser Conference. OSU loses to Purdue (4-3). PSU squeaks by App State and Indiana. Congrats Michigan for scoring 21 on MSU (who needed a last second TD to beat Utah State). Nebraska got their first win, sooooo, yipppeeeeeee!

Straight up the Big Ten would be lucky to having a winning record versus the AAC.

OSU v UCF? I’m taking UCF
UH v PSU? I’m taking the Coogs
USF or Cinci v Michigan or Wisconsin? It’s close

Polls are to promote the big names. And they do an excellent job.

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Let me follow the logic here.
Big 10 way over rated
Big 12 not over rated
So losing a blowout to a 5-2 Big 12 team should give you more votes than losing a close game to a 5-2 Big 10.

“OSU loses to Purdue (4-3), PSU squeaks by App State.”

Your first two examples, using a Big Ten loss to a Big Ten team and using a close victory to App State so you can prove that App State is overrated.

Agree to disagree with your chain of logic.

We don’t have anything close to a good win yet. Our chance is coming this week.

We are where we were in 2013 when we started 7-1. We took care of business to that point but hadn’t beaten anyone. We then got our chance and fell flat.

I think we are better than that 2013 team but I understand why voters aren’t buying in yet. It can all change Saturday.