Portal May 30- July 15

I thought we could have one spot for comings and goings.


Cameron Nickens a few weeks ago.

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Dillon DeSpain

Thank you Houston for the amazing experience. Will be attending Golden West JUCO for 2025 season @sportsjunky8 pic.twitter.com/ZUjLgvRSAk

— Dillon DeSpain (@dillondespain3) May 20, 2024

Note: Dillon had TJ surgery and was out for the 2024 season.

Going to be a lot going out I’m afraid

Can our manager TW be one of the ones heading out? He has zero respect in the baseball community. Impossible for him to have success!


7 starts. .258 in 31 ABs.
All games :
3 errors in 28 chances w .893 fielding %.


Looks like Gavin mostly was DH. He played some 3B and 1B. Utility IF and DH.

Ike Irish was a solid DH down the stretch. Gavin didn’t played in the last ten games.

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Yes, not sure what the fuss is about on the other thread.

Two of the boys from Blinn are much bigger adds.

From Duarte:
Cary Arbolida in portal.
Out of D1 eligibility and going for a waiver 2 play D2 or D3 next season.

Did not know that was possible.
More guys should roll w that and get a grad degree.

Guessing it would be D-2.

D-3 just gives “academic “ money , not athletic scholarships.

I had a couple of kids that played D-3 and the way they worked the money it got most of their school paid for….these were kids that could have easily played D-2 but they liked the D-3 schools better for academics.

How do you get extra year at lower level if you have no D1 years left ?
What am I missing ?

I don’t get that either, unless it has to do with COVID years.