Possible assistants being fired

Belk doesn’t have a clue about good defense, poor tackling, defensive backs who never look for the ball, dropping back 20 yards with 3 down linemen on 3rd and long, allowing teams to go 80+ yards at end of game using above techniques………

…… and worst of all, collecting (with CDH’s help) a cool $1mil per year for doing it.


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Wow! That’s a dose of reality. Excellent summation.


Whatever this source is, they are a hell of a recruiting tool…

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as long as CDH is at the helm this ship is going nowhere.

gotta be able to recruit and generate excitement and this man cant do either.

wake me up when we’ve got a new HC.


The Court of Coogfans is giving a collective thumbs down to reorganizing the deck chairs on the Titanic. Lets hope you guys represent the opinions of the overloards.

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its not our check books that are going to have to open up.

although if there were such a fund to donate to that would go directly to the termination of current and hiring of future…

Seriously, though, how do you hire a hotshot assistant when he knows it could be a short-term contract? Is anyone leaving a p5 position coach gig to do that? I’m asking because I don’t know. Maybe a lower division coach that just wants a short term resume upgrade.

We have a disorginized offensive staff there is no OC. Who is calling plays ?? Dana or the QB coach if the QB coach is does he do it with Dana watching over his shoulder. We always had a Inside receivers and outside receivers coach when we ran the air raid in the past but now we have one guy doing both jobs. Can someone make it make sense to me ?

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If we needs an OC, what’s Mike Nesbitt doing? Can we get him back for one season?


I’m sorry no buzz means no fans, that’s the way we are. As I’ve said before, I wouldn’t ever let Dana in my house recruiting my son. I’m sure my thoughts are echoed throughout the state.

We need a change at the top, not just another year of window dressing.


Its part of the job you have to promote your team if you want the city to care.

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After watching that video I think we should take a look at Nesbitt again.


Why do I think Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber every time I see that guy.


You’re right….it’s our hearts we are going to have to open up.

It should have been Nesbitt firing LeBush. Not the other way around.

It’s the ears.

Yep. Lloyd Christmas. 100%.

Speaking of assistants, I’m watching the Iowa-Nebraska game and noticed how good Iowa’s defense has been. I looked up who the defensive coordinator.is. It’s Phil Parker and he’s been there since 1999! That’s almost unheard of these days. I think at some point he should get HC consideration.

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That is quite a statement. You know Saban and him coached DBs when he was at Bama? Saban recommended him to Tony Gibson at WVU as a DB coach?

I guess he has amnesia. Is that it?