Post Coaching change decommits

Guidry is the first to leave. Not surprising as he was a Dallas kid that had moved to California. ASU had an in house with him today as well.

Don’t blame him. It’s hard to justify moving across the country to a school where your only real contacts just left.

I’m not surprised. Tom is taking most of his top recruiters with him. Right now, we basically have no one recruiting while Tom evaluates which UH commits he wants to recruit and which aren’t talented enough for his new team. Losing Corby Meekins might make things difficult. He might try to get Oliver to transfer (coached him in High School) and Daniel Young to switch his commitment.

I’d be surprised if Oliver transfers; he loves being at UH with his brother, loves Houston, and he knows he’s going to the NFL in 2 years. If he sits out a year, gives him only one more year to make an impact on the field before he turns pro. He also wasn’t happy with the coaches that left, basically asking why coach lied to them right after it was announced.

I’d also be surprised if Young goes. Texas has a ton of RB talent behind Foreman and they are targeting Emo Benjamin. Young would be fighting an uphill battle to get playing time. He was also one of the ones that seems to be on board the Ban17ofBrothers movement.

Guys that I’m worried about: Sanogo, Petry (he wasn’t very solid before), Davis, Bimage, Huhn, and Ogbonnaya. I think if we end up keeping Orlando or Applewhite, we can probably salvage some of these guys, but if we lose all our coaches, we may lose quite a bit of our class.

Edit to add: More on Oliver; remember UH can block schools that players can transfer to. I would imagine that if he did want to transfer, we would block him from going to UT. It’s sort of scummy to do if the kid really wants to go there, but the rule is in order to stop wholesale transfers of a team when a coach leaves. I don’t believe grad transfers can be blocked which is why Kyle Allen was rumored to head to Texas, but he seems to be on board with staying for now.

Also, Oliver already made it clear that he wasn’t going anywhere.

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Our remaining staff has been out recruiting yesterday and the day before. So… not exactly.

The day before, two more staff members, left for Austin. Where are you getting your info?

Twitter. The recruits are taking picture with the staff at their homes.


I’ll add this. Ed Oliver has already made it clear he committed to the University of Houston, not Tom Herman. I think most of the other players who would even have a chance are waiting and seeing who we hire, which means we need to get a move on and bring someone in that is high quality. Only a few of the guys on our roster would even have a shot at getting playtime at UT; Strong stocked talent there even after losing records. Why transfer when you might not get to play?

The one I’m thinking of that might have a shot is Allen. He wouldn’t be able to transfer till May anyway when he graduates. I think if you hire Applewhite, no one transfers. Players have called him an offensive genius despite many of the opposing opinions on message boards. Applewhite would not call plays anyway as HC, but his recruiting ties, and Texas (as in the state, not the univ) background make him a potent option for HC. Even though Orlando is an excellent DC, he does not have the Texas background.

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Changed the title as I expect a few more:

Terry Petry finally decommitted. He wasn’t going to come here anyway from what all the rumors say, but he finally made it official today and committed to Mizzou.

I’ll add that if TO stays it will be very motivating to Big Ed and defensive recruits. The players now a days play a big role in recruiting.

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