Post game press conference - Cincy

Wow! I think Holgerson is not happy with some people at a certain site from which a Tweet was posted on here referring to Tune. Coach had to had to try hard not to say too much about the PF call lol.


Where did these new refs come from?


Yep…he’s not happy with the other site about that tweet in regards to Tune. Chewed the room out for getting called today about it and started to get on JD about it before JD rephrased the question.

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It was completely bush league by that site to post that. They aren’t real journalists and have been wrong about a bunch of things so far. Putting clicks and subscriptions above your alma mater when you are a fan site run by fans is not cool.


Someone want to clue us in on what this tweet was about? Is it related to that post earlier about Bryson starting?

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I thought Tune did well under the circumstances, being immobil and Cincy knowing it. There were several passes he put on the money that the receiver put on the ground – two were sure TD’s.

For those that watched on TV (I recorded but not in mood to watch now), what did the announcers say on the call on the personal foul when the runner was pushed at the sideline while still in field of play? If the guy had cut to left instead of being pushed out, he could have gained another 5 yards.

Cincy’s #58 held so blatantly all game that the refs had to notice, but chose to ignore. On one he had his arms wrapped around our DL from behind being dragged in front of the ref, yet no call. They saw only what they wanted to see, and that was keeping the ranked team ranked.

BTW, who was it that texted CDH the day of game? And gocoogs sucks for sending out the crap on Tune. I am so glad I decided to not go on that site.


The announcers thought the refs were going to pick up the flag on the pf call … basically said the qb was still in bounce when hit … terrible call …


Given that Tune had a hammy bad enough that Smith was used in an experimental way at QB. (I think that was the term used). Why were there so many zone read calls with Tune at QB? I don’t recall him keeping on a zone read and the Cincy defense was sitting on the RB after awhile. Those plays were suicide in the second half. Holgerson’s reaction to the question from JD about starting Tune wasn’t the best. It was a legitimate question, especially given the in game moves to “protect” Tune. When you are 2-4 the press isn’t going to throw softballs like you’re Knute Rockne and being offended about fair questions doesn’t buy you any goodwill at a time when you really need some in the press. Next year will be critical for Holgerson’s tenure here. Back to back 4-8 / 5-7 seasons will make yesterday look like a full house at TDECU. 25k in the stands for a 2:30 game against a ranked opponent on the most beautiful weather day in 5 months is a really bad sign.


Flew on the plane with Cincinatti


Who flew on the plane with Cincinnati?

These guys:


Pretty sure it is this one.

I’m sure there were some edits and deletes. They posted that Tune was out and Bryson was starting.

I remember it saying Smith and Baby Holgo would split time.

Weekly Press Conference since I didn’t see it posted yet:

And the teleconference:

And the transcript:

On the scout team…
“Even without guys like D’Eriq King and without the five or six guys on defense that are sitting one of the things that I think we do well is the focus that we put on scout teams. Those guys are treated like a separate unit. They meet with the young coaches, the watch videos, they go outside, they walk though things and they take a lot of pride in giving the offense, defense and the special teams as well good looks. We focus on that, we watch that, we praise that, we show good stuff, we show bad stuff. The better the players are the more competitive the practices the better we are going to get. Right now, our scout teams are functioning at a very high level because of the amount of players that we have that are able to do it. We focus on it and we coach that thing hard too, so we are getting a lot of good looks with a lot of good players that will be playing with us in the future. Those guys do a good job on scout team and they have a chance to move up as well. We have a couple of those guys that have started traveling. Some of them are redshirts that are eligible that are going to be able to get some snaps here towards the end of the year.”