Post NCAA Championships/Olympics News

Now that we’re past the NCAA Championships, thought I’d start a thread for other T&F news.

Freshman Michaela Mouton will represent the USA in the U20 World Championships later this summer.

Any other news about Cougars making Olympic teams?


Haven’t seen anything new yet. For great coverage of T&F as a whole leading up to the Olympics, @citiusmag is a great follow on X. Covers HS also.

No idea if we are in on him, just started following the site.

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Why isn’t Michaela Mouton entered in the 2024 US Olympic Trials?
She has a valid time(50.96) in the 400m.

No idea at all. I copied FloTrack’s list of automatic qualifiers, which doesn’t show Mouton. I don’t know if there’s a reason she didn’t qualify, or did she just remove herself? Her best time puts her near the bottom of the list, so maybe she made the personal decision to run in the U20 World Championships, in which she’ll be more competitive.

Women’s 400m
Kaylyn Brown, Purpose Driven NC Elite Track Club, 49.13
Shamier Little, adidas, 49.68
Rosaline Effiong, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, 49.72
Aaliyah Butler, University of Georgia, 49.79
Talitha Diggs, adidas, 49.93
Lynna Irby, adidas, 50.11
Isabella Whittaker, University of Pennsylvania, 50.17
Alexis Holmes, NIKE, 50.24
Gabby Thomas, New Balance, 50.37
Quanera Hayes, NIKE, 50.44
Jan’Taijah Jones, University of Southern California, 50.77
Jermaisha Arnold, Texas A&M University, College Station, 50.80
JaMeesia Ford, University of South Carolina, Columbia, 50.81
Jessica McDowell, University of Illinois, Champaign, 50.98
Ziyah Holman, University of Texas at Austin, 50.99
Bailey Lear, 51.00
Kendall Ellis, New Balance, 51.05

UH entrants:

Steeplechase: Brian Barraza placed 18th; only 14 qualify for the finals

Pole Vault: Sampy placed 16th; only 13 qualified for finals. Sampy was tied with US record holder Lightfoot.

M Long Jump: Trumaine Jefferson finished 13th; top 12 qualify for finals. Missed qualifying by 0.04 m

100m: Elijah Hall qualified for semis with a 10.19. Finished #18 overall in 100m prelims out of 27 qualifiers. SEMI-FINALS: Elijah Hall DNS :slightly_frowning_face:

110m Hurdle: DeVion Wilson (7:05pm Monday)

W Long Jump: Samiyah Samuels (8:18 pm Thursday 6/27)

400m Hurdles: Sydni Townsend (8:49 p.m. Thursday 6/27)

5000m: Brian Barraza (10:03 pm Thursday 6/27)

Triple Jump: Chris Carter (8:20 pm Friday 6/28)


Watching the 100 semis, finals later. Incredible, 9.8’s.

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Just watched 16yr old Quincy Wilson set his second U18 World Record of the weekend.

3rd in his heat, waiting for the results of the last semifinal heat to see if he qualifies.

EDIT: It’s official, the high schooler will be running in the finals for a chance to run in the Olympics. Also, announcer mentioned that most of the 400m finalists end up on the relay team at the Olympics, so he may be an Olympian regardless.


Where is Louie Hinchcliffe? Running for England?

Wilson advances in the 110 hurdles. :+1:

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Yes, Louie is English, not American.

Has he qualified for the English national team was really my question. Hopefully he’ll still rep as a Coog in Paris.
We need a list of international Coogs going to Paris so can try to keep up with them.

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Searching online, looks like Team Great Britain has a committee that makes the track selections. There’s a final meet this weekend, UK Athletics Championships, but apparently the committee has some leniency in making selections.

Kelly-Ann Beckford with a chance to make the Jamaican team over the next few days.

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Nice run by De’Vion Wilson in the 110m hurdles! A PB of 13.23 qualifies him for the Final and a chance at the Olympics tomorrow night. If he gets a better start he might make it.

Wilson with the 6th best time overall in the semis.

Sydni Townsend moves on to the 400mH semis after placing 9th overall in the prelims.

Samiyah Samuels placed 18th in women’s long jump. Only 12 move on to the finals.

Brian Barraza placed 25th overall in the 5000m (out of 30), does not make the finals.


De’Vion Wilson runs just off his PB in the Finals, but it’s only good for 8th place.

Worth noting that it was the first 110mH race EVER to have three runners finish under 13 seconds. Fast one.

Chris Carter finishes 7th place, qualifies for Finals of the Triple Jump.


Sydni Townsend made the finals of the 400mH.

She’ll face off against Sydney McLaughlin tomorrow night.


Thanks for the updates. It’s hard to keep up with T&F

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