Postseason Ticket Application

It is due tomorrow, I haven’t done it. I just have too much uncertainty, if I knew where the bowl game would be and what day then I could commit with my purchase and make plans with friends/family/Coogs. I hope it doesn’t hurt us on bowl selection.

What about you guys?

Chances are you’ll be able to buy better seats, either directly from the bowl or from secondary sites like Stubhub, for the same or less money.

I assume if the allocation isn’t sold out, I could still buy from UH. I’d rather do that.


I put down for 4 armed forces tickets since those were in the club.

My wife is due the 4th. I was only going to go to a bowl if it was a new years bowl/CFP. And she was not on board with that idea. Clearly that paper became garbage very quickly…

What paper? the marriage license? Lol



I would rather wait till its announced where we are playing to see if I am actually interested in going to that game.

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Props to anyone buying tickets to a bowl of unknown destination, unknown opponent and missing most of the coaches and support staff. Yikes.