Potential No. 1 pick Ed Oliver is too good to emulate

Good stuff. I like the comparison to John Randle…very similar type players. Hopefully, Oliver can have as long and successful a career as Randle did.

“Our guys are telling us he kinda knows this, he’s calling out this,” an opposing assistant coach who has gameplanned against Oliver and will do so again in 2018 told SB Nation. “He doesn’t get enough credit for his overall knowledge of the game. People think a D tackle is just running hard. No, he’s a smart kid.”

When Oliver’s asked if he could do something outlandish like play safety, he doesn’t shy away.

“You throw me at safety, I’ll probably pick it up,” Oliver said. “I might not be able to cover much, but I’ll know where I’m supposed to be.”


Somebody on pointed out that he reminded them of Tommie Harris, former Chicago Bear and Okie Sooner.

I agree with that.

Either way, a pretty favorable comparison.

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That’s another good comparison.