Potential nonconference schedule next year

Similar to this years or a little more difficult…any guesses?

Per Kris Gardner from Houston Roundball Review: LSU and St. Louis at home. BYU on the road. Everything else is up in the air.

lsu’s best player is true freshmen, they add 3 5star recruits, and a 4th espn100 4star…on paper lsu should be one of the best teams in the nation…but same thing could have been said when they had ben simmons

same for saint louis they should be much improved, relied heavily on freshmen this year, espn 100 freshmen but still freshmen non the less…they add another espn 100 this season, and the 2 they added last season should be better…i think they will end up great rpi game…

byu on the road will be quad 1 game

i think we will be invited to a dramatically better preseason tourney…our name is out there now, we are a better drawn to those tourneys than in previous years

and i have to believe the admin isnt opening the new arena on the back of lsu or saint louis…i think we find a way to get a blue blood-ish, or a hated rival down here for opening night

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I’d love to see us be able to participate in the preseason NIT! I know that probably won’t happen.

How about a multiyear match up deal with Syracuse? Might be good to get some NewYork area exposure for the program.


So far we are not slated for a preseason tournament.
Looks like the Cayman Islands Classic is a possibility. Some good teams in there.

If someone wants to do the homework, look at the last few seasons. Most mid strength to stronger teams are home and home deals. So the ones we played this year (with the exception of tourneys or sub 200 RPI teams) but didn’t play the year before, it’s not terrible to assume we play them again on the opposite court.

For example, the last three years we played one home and two road against LSU, it’s not a big leap of faith to say we play LSU at home next year. We played Arkansas home and home the last two years so it’s a coin flip if the series continues or it’s done.

Since we only played one road game against a power conference school, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are the only home game we get OOC versus the power conference. Sumlin will have to look hard at power conference coaches that want a strong OOC SOS to sign any deals that include us getting the home court first next year.

I’d love to see a “College Classic” at Toyota.