Potential wrinkle for AAC expansion targets

Brett McMurphy says that any AAC member wishing to eject has to give 27 months notice.

If the AAC stuck to its guns, that means that UH/Cincy/UConn/Memphis couldn’t join until the 2019 football season.

Of course, most everything in life is negotiable, so that’s a hurdle that would likely be overcome with $$$.

There is a $10M exit fee. I believe if you wanted to leave a year early, it would be $15-20M.

For the 10 schools who remain, that’s going to be a $3-4M pay day.

It’s early in the process, im sure those numbers will go down when the time actually comes.

Dennis Dodd wrote the linked article in the dying days of the original Big East Conference we joined that UH has a provision in our contract where we can leave the conference without penalty if television revenue didn’t reach a certain level. I don’t know if this would apply to our current situation with the American should we receive a B12 invite, and if a waiting period is part of such provision.

Never thought very much about “giving notices” … the BE was big on it until practically all its former members were gone.

To quote an ole adage … “$$$ talks … BS walks” … if you can’t enforce it then all you are doing is burning bridges behind you … once we leave the AAC and it gets populated with Rice and all the other bottom feeders from CUSA … I doubt seriously if we would ever return for what ever reason.

The moment the BE became the AAC and no longer a BCS/P5 … I suspect all bets were off and our admins were looking ELSEWHERE for a home and not signing anything other than the usual deposit lost.

That “get out of jail free” window closed a long time ago.

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