Potentially get featured on the Fertitta Center Video Board! Rewards + More! (Signed ball by Hughey + Sampson)

Hey everyone! No idea if you have heard on Social Media so far, but Social Venu is a company partnering with UH trying to create fan engagement at games!

Basically you can record a video of yourself calling a play for Men’s, Women’s, or the Newspaper Toss, then upload that to SocialVenu. You can be featured on Cougar Social Media, or the Video Board!

Potentially, through COVID, they are making a montage to show on the video board, and that is where you come in!

How to participate:

Go to: http://uhcougars.socialvenu.com on your phone

Then choose a video you want to take part in, and record!

Once done, it will upload and can be featured on UH Social Media, etc.

There will be reward points given out to those who participate, and whoever makes the most creative video can win signed ball by Coach Hughey and Coach Sampson!