Potentially seeking between 6-10 tickets to the UH vs Cincinatti game on the 28th

Good evening Coogs

I want to thank y’all for the offers last time to help me get my cousin/aunt to a game. The aunt and uncle are really trying to convince my cousin to head to UH over TAMU (and will likely be forced either way), and the Virginia game and an earlier campus tour literally changed her thoughts on UH and put it in a much more positive light instead of the myths mentioned by classmates/peers, etc. We were just talking about how much student tickets were and the process to go to games, Marcus Jones, etc. Seems like we are about to convert an Aggie to a Coog!

With my family coming back for the holidays (they moved out of state for a job while I stayed back here for grad), they’re also interested in a basketball game. Them + Aunt/Uncle/Cousin, and my Coog Cousin’s parents are also interested in Coog sports over Texans/Rockets.

Would anyone happen to have or know people with tickets for the 28th game vs Cinci? Between six and ten would be great. I’ll get a final number as we approach the day.


You mean 4th?

Basketball @ Fertitta Center

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