Power lines ignited the largest wildfire in Texas history, officials say

Didn’t power lines also cause the Maui fires? I know they weren’t exactly the same conditions. Obviously we can’t get rid of power lines but seems like there’s something we can learn from these fires.

No incentive for maintenance and inspection for publicly traded companies. It’s not a profit generating activity, not to veer off into politics but the only way stuff like this gets fixed is through either tighter and enforced regulation.

Or in the more fun for me department, in these cases of preventable issues due to failure to inspect and maintain non-dischargeable judgements and the stripping of LLC protections for upper management and board members.

Make a CEO, CFO, and Chairman homeless will send a pretty clear message.

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Yea, I know this might be more of a political issue for solutions which might not lend itself to a productive discussion here. But I think what you said was pretty politically neutral.

Same greed ignited many a forest fire in California the last decade. No maintenance on the lines. It’s horrible.

Jewish space lasers. Fact.

MTG, is that you? Lol

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…it’s “The Death Star of David”.

It never gets old (at least to me).

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Fires are the result of a number of circumstances: dryness, winds, geography, undergrowth, carelessness, and man-made components. If you want to prevent the man-made issue then burying the lines is probably best. But it’s expensive as Hell. Nearly cost-prohibitive.

Power lines were responsible for the San Diego fires too but most sizeable California fires happens for the following reasons:
The Sierra Club put pressure on Sacramento to do away with deforestation. The Sierra Club motto is that trees grow and should be left alone and let nature manage it.
Dead trees are the equivalent of a time bomb. These same dead trees explodes from the inside out. The end results have been devastating to California. Even in a city like Carlsbad, by the water clearing dead trees is not allowed or will be immediately challenged.
Another reason is fire departments jurisdiction. In 2007 we had three wild fires, three points forming a triangle but not quite joined together. One was on Camp Pendleton, one in Escondido and one that almost reached Del Mar. Get this. The Camp Pendleton fire department did not have jurisdiction to help their firefighters brothers in Escondido and Del Mar. At one point the three fires were about to be just one. Yes the City of San Diego was in peril. At the last hour the Escondido fire made a Northern turn.
Other reasons like Canadair planes are only allowed to fly on certain days.
I have friends within the San Diego Fire department. You won’t believe the politics when it comes to let a fire burn and the time spent on the fire lines.

Decades ago, the forest service planted non-indigenous trees in California, as people like smaller trees closer together. California’s climate supports very large trees further apart, mainly due to shortage of water.

I’d imagine the Sierra Club loses any upper ground on this, due to how bad the fires have been.

The bark beetles have also contributed to the tinderbox in our mountains here.

I would imagine planting non native plants in many places (it happens or has happened all over the US) may have had some unintended consequences. Though not sure how much the situations y’all just brought up for California mirror what happened in the Texas Panhandle.

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Jason the Sierra Club has lobbied Sacramento for decades. They made it clear. They want no compromise. We are screw.d. The bark beetles have been there for years. When a dead tree ignites from the damage of the beetles it is like tens of thousands of tiny fire bullets. That is exactly why these fires spread so fast. The Sierra Club are responsible for tens of deaths.
Shortage of water:
Very few people know this. California water agencies are public but and get this everyone ** FOR PROFIT**. Do you understand what it means? Yes the water agencies workers have a pension. California is a desert not a sub tropical area. When there is a draught the same water agencies jack up the price. Some towns are $thousands higher than their neighbors. It makes no sense.
Now with all of the taxes YOU/WE would think they would build better infrastructures to keep the water…NOPE.
You do understand that the Romans built aqueducts thousands of years ago?
They are still in use today.
You do understand that the Northwest gets a ton of rain. Are Oregon and Washington neighboring states to California?
The answer will be yes.

One of the plot threads of Chinatown was based on the politics of water in California.

Of course none of that has anything to do with the Texas Panhandle fires.

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I’m waiting for EV haters to somehow blame EVs for these fires.

EVs are electric, power lines are electric, EVs caused the fires!

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