Power on Display During the Oregon/Auburn Game

While channel surfing I stopped on the Oregon/Auburn game just in time to witness the broadcasting team drool all over themselves.

They show the viewers one Phil Knight, the founder of Nike standing on the sidelines. Then they showed Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and Auburn grad sitting in a suite and talked about their bet on the game. A bottle of wine was the prize for the winner.

The commentator then talked about how Oregon was coming back in prominence and how well they were recruiting. I could not help but think of BB and the NIKE executive stating that they tell players where to go to school. (See thread on Coogfans BB site)

While discussing Oregon recruiting the camera zoomed in on the Oregon Duck mascot sitting against a wall while playing with Toy Story characters. Toy Story is a Disney movie, ESPN/ABC Disney owned.

No surprise that the TV people were verbally drooling and hyping Oregon before the largest viewing audience of a college FB game this past weekend.

Oh, and the officiating was very good during the time I watched with both OL getting called for holding which set the tone for the OL’s. No one getting away with flagrant holds. Of course not, a bottle of wine was on the line.