Power ranking

#23 through six games

Notre Dame #67


Yes but what was Notre Dames’s “pre-season rpi “?! :joy:

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Looking at that list:

Binghamton is 220.
Prairie View is 271.
St. John’s is 127.

So yeah.

Based on that.

ND is a FAR more RESPECTABLE opponent than any we have played.

My assertion to that effect is completely vindicated!


We definitely haven’t been tested yet, but we’ll see how we do over the next few weeks.

Hopefully we will be a tourney team.

Nothing is vindicated and you still don’t know what you’re talking about……if you ask ANY person that knows Anything about college baseball they we’ll tell you any kind of stats measured after less than 18-20 games are worthless….let alone less than 10.

With each post you show more and more ignorance….

Go ahead and tell us what you know about “SonnyMoorePowerRatingts”.

Dude, you actually thought there was such a thing as PRE-SEASON RPI and were spouting it off as the ONLY factor that plays into anything.:joy:

Even after it was explained to you there was no such thing you double and triple downed on it!!! :rofl:

You are absolutely laughable.

Either you don’t see how ridiculous you sound and that is just sad….

Or You do, and you beat a dead horse into the ground despite the fact you know you’re wrong.

I’m not really sure which is worse and I don’t really care….

But other than saying “ Go Coogs” you should just stop talking……

The baseball guys on this thread know you don’t have a clue….


Any rankings right now are completely worthless. You can’t judge baseball teams until they have played a decent amount of games. I would say after this weekend, you will have a good idea as to how this might play out. And even if they do well this weekend doesn’t mean they are gong to do well in the Big 12.



RPI Live
RPI Conference
RPI Big 12
Predicted RPI

Helpful or not?

RPI still kinda whacky at this point.

But thanks for the links.

I check Warren Nolan weekly and could tell things have not sorted themselves out yet.

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KSU v Missouri State 3 games this weekend.
Missou State was 12 in RPI.
2 losses and they are 26.

KSU w a tough schedule the next month.
Today’s RPI.
UH at 56, Neb at 5, Bonghorns at 33, Mizz State at 26,
UCF at 4, Wich State at 70, Okie at 6, UConn at 23.

Mizz State now 42 after getting sweeped at the Little Apple.

Big 12 firmly 3d in RPI should avoid the whack.


We’re #86. That’s higher than Missou, Louisville and e-gads #98 USC. However, the Trojans are 7-1 over the last eight games and 2-0 vs. now #10 Oregon State. The only loss over those last eight games was in San Diego and all others on campus.

#62 Miami
#63 Texas

UCF at #7 which is one spot behind the A&M Aggies.