Powerball 1.5 billion how would you spend it

I am surprised there is not a thread about what people would do with the winnings.

Let’s say you won the jackpot and take home 750 million after taxes.

Quit your job?

Major purchases?

Would you donate more to UH? How would you want UH to so with your gift?

Hookers and blow.


But what do you do the second day? Lol


Half on cocaine and whores; the other half I would just waste.


Hookers and cocaine. I’m over 70, they’d have to be patient hookers. :wink:



How would you waste the other half?

Lol…you guys will cause prices of coke to rise for everyone else…LOL

Powerball cocaine inflation.

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And blue pills?

I’d be worried I didn’t have four hours left.

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It’s an old joke. At least, I’m old and I heard it as a younger man.

And now it ain’t a joke, just a wish.


You guys could get everyone in houston their own cocaine and hooker hook up and have money left over.

I’ve already told you guys. I’m buying a Wilson Combat X9 for all the members of this board.

Just promise me you won’t put on your kid’s halloween cowboy hat and start doing quickdraws in your wife’s floor mirror. I never do that til I’ve put a few hundred rounds through it…just to get used to the handling.

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I’d finally be able to afford a house in California.

Jokes aside - Unless I had to declare myself the winner immediately, I’d jump on a flight to meet with a Trust and Estates Partner at Cravath, Swaine & Moore (or the equivalent white-shoe) to help me out with the setup and paperwork (wills, etc.). Make the decision to either do lump (probably lump) or annuity. Work with them to help me and my family avoid the enormous issues of winning a lottery: notoriety, financial stalkers, and would-be thieves. It’s a known issue that 1 in 3 big lottery winners tend to have awful lives afterward, with many close people ending up as collateral damage.

Determine if we need to change our identity, looks, and our lives because the old ones might be over. Have the lawyers’ set up an unchangeable max percentage I’d provide to family/friends via some well-thought-out trusts where they (the lawyers) handle disbursement, and try to maintain relationships with friends and family from before. Cut off those that unfortunately don’t work.

I’d have one amount, dedicated to start a small family office to grow the wealth in a realistic, conservative way. I’d do my damnedest effort in keeping my family grounded to maintain the generational wealth, so they don’t turn into a stereotype of American wealth gone awry. They’d be taken care of, but they’d still have to know an honest day’s work. I’d have to also evaluate a way to keep the trusts secure, so that my descendants can’t sue to break it and unlock the piggy bank. Try to persuade our family to be the future legacies of where we graduated from.

Then I’d donate checks to a few foundations that I am fond of and start some of my own generous foundations. I’d invest it in programs that need help like UH’s NSM/Honors college/Band/Towers remodel, give HCC a strong boost in my program, and A&M would get a school in my degree/Dorms remodel. All three would get museums and libraries of differing kinds that are relevant. Probably give some endowments to other schools that are helping people like me move social classes.

I’d go to work in a field that means more than my current, but not much different than what I already do. Finally graduate from UH in my original program. Have a small “fun money” fund and be an angel investor. Work on some passion projects. Do my best to make a positive difference, but keep a low profile. And cocaine!


Classic cars…lots of them

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Pay Dana’s buyout


Who would you give a blank check to in order to replace him?

CougarDome. :sunglasses:


Put a roof on TDECU?


supposedly, cash after taxes was over 750 million. i’d give 700 million to christ centered charities.
then give 15 mil to the collegesof bus, engr and sciences and 10 to athletics if they used most to rebuild a tailgating village with no palm trees ! :wink:


From what I hear, the cocaine lasts as long as the money does…:wink:


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