Practice Report 08.18.16


Practice Report 08.18.16


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Dunbar is looking like a BEAST!!!

Does anyone know who #12 (RB) and #9 (WR) are?

Don’t see a #12 RB on the roster. Just D’Juan Hines (ILB) and Bowman Sells (QB). #9 WR is Courtney Lark

Thanks. Looks like Lark is getting some reps. In the highlight video one of the players carrying the ball (maybe it’s a WR on a sweep play) is wearing #12.

I read on another thread that Lark will get some playing time this year. Rashaad Samples and Marquez Stevenson are battling injuries and have missed quite a bit of practice. Looks like we’re going to need some depth at WR this year. I think if the season started today, starting/rotating WRs would be Chance Allen, Steven Dunbar, Linnell Bonner and Isaiah Johnson. Wouldn’t be surprised if 3 true freshman see playing time this year (Stevenson, Lark and Corbin). Sure would be nice if Tren Dickson got cleared to play this year.