Prayers to our armed forces, allies and the ones that helped us

It is disputed.

Here’s how we know.

Terrorist attacks have been in decline worldwide for years.

DESPITE our continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Based on that, I reject that narrative as factually false.

Don’t believe every narrative you hear.

Reject ANY (such as that one) that are refuted by the factual data.

You bet I am extremely worried for American citizens, Allies and Afghanis that put/putting their lives on the line. We are now in the process of retired (U.S.) and enlisted European special forces working to get them out. This is exactly where we are. I ask you Norbert and everyone else to pray for them. Do you see a problem with that? I hope you get it now.


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If you seek a prayer request army, efforts may be more fruitful reaching out to local religious
organizations that have “prayer request lines” and prayer submission request infrastructure setup.


You might be exaggerating just a tad.

Most of the troops we have at the airport are either Marines or Army 82d Airborne troops; regular non-retirees, not recalls.

That said, yes we should pray for all the people you mentioned.

Chris, you don’t give a rat’s ass about the Afghans nor the troops. You just want to make Biden look bad. That’s the gist of your fake outrage at the situation. When was the last time you prayed for the troops in Afghanistan? We’ve been there for 20 years. lol. So blatantly cringe.

What ?!?!
You’re implying I’ve been “had” and this is really
just a political thread hoping to keep it alive under
the disguise of a prayer request to avoid ban and thread closure ? ? ?

I don’t think anybody would…

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Yes, Yemen & Somalia come to mind

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I wouldn’t put those on the same level as Afghanistan!

As such, they don’t get a comparable level of attention.

Don’t get me wrong, they affect our security interests and create security risks to the USA…just not on quite the same scale as Afghanistan.

I dig these photos of our Marines taking care of babies and kids in Kabul!

GOOD LOOK for America!!!


Because we got the hell out

I dunno man.

Afghanistan was a huge threat to our security interests and created huge security risks to the USA BEFORE we were ever there.

Remember 9/11?

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The Taliban is now saying that movement of Afghans to the airport will end.


That was a failure of our government to nail UBL earlier. The Taliban gave him safe haven for a price.

God only knows what types of jihadists the Taliban 2.0 will now give safe haven to.

Could get ugly.


Not sure I completely agree with this, but this one article contemplates a Taliban that will not be able to hold the country together, with a collection of warring statelets resulting.

Bad for many reasons, but especially for China, whose “one belt, one road” initiative and desire to exploit Afghanistan’s mineral resources would suffer. Read on.

I am out of step with the vast majority of Americans on this subject but I feel strongly we should have stayed. If we would have left a presence in Afghanistan, the Afghan army would not have collapsed.

Once we started down the path of nation building it meant we couldn’t leave.

It would be like the cavalry leaving the old west and leaving the settlers to be massacred by the comanche.

This Aug. 31 deadline is really dumb. We can’t let the Taliban tell us what to do. As Tony Blair said, all of this is imbecilic.

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