Prayers to our armed forces, allies and the ones that helped us

I am asking everyone on Coogfans to pray for everyone that is on the ground in Afghanistan. God help them.
This is a praying request.


Edit: please ignore my previous comment.

This is so cringeworthy.

I’ll pray for both Afghanistan, and an end to the pandemic.


Thank you.

This Thread too shall not last. Never ending.

I will pray to Odin for all the countries in the world suffering.

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I can’t imagine how these folks stand a chance, but I guess it’s better to go down fighting rather than to simply face a Taliban firing squad.

Afghan Vice-President Amrullah Saleh, an ethnic Tajik from Panjshir, and a former colleague of famed Soviet resistance fighter and Northern Alliance Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud has now announced that an official armed resistance to the Taliban will be mounted from inside of Panjshir Province, the only province in Afghanistan not currently under Taliban control.

He’s been providing a play by play (not sure how much is truthful, and how much is bluster and trash talk…you be the judge) on his Twitter account.

Follow his attempted resistance here:

The latest from the European Union: “there is no recognition of the Taliban.”

My post’s intent is for all of us to take a moment to pray for all in danger…

To your point:
The European Union won’t recognize the taliban.
The following article explains why the ccp will recognize them.

There are indeed amoral governments out there!

By definition the ccp is a dictatorship.
Again all the ones left behind need our prayers. This is a lot worse than what is reported.

Chris, your purpose for this thread was pretty transparent. That’s why only you and uhlaw are posting on it. lol. Give it up.

If only we can go back to simpler times like the early 2000s when the same type of people were calling for Afghanistan to be nuked.

Too bad all the countries in Africa and Asia facing genocide, corrupt takeovers, and sex slavery get no love because there aren’t political points to win.

It’s not that simple. One has to consider what the security interests of the USA, and the security risks to the USA are in each and every country.

Do the problems existing in Africa and other parts of Asia create the same security risks and/or otherwise affect the security interests of the USA to the same extent as the problems existing in, let’s say, Afghanistan?

Based on what we learned on 9/11…arguably not. Or at least, there’s little reason to believe that those countries’ problems can affect America’s security interests as adversely.

To illustrate: has anything based in Africa or elsewhere in Asia affected the USA’s security as adversely over the last 20-25 years as, let’s say, something based in Afghanistan did on 9/11, or does currently?

If it has, then it probably isn’t obvious or apparent. Very likely, the correct answer is, no, nothing else happening in those other countries has affected our security as adversely or puts our current security as at risk as much as what has happened/is happening in Afghanistan.

As a result, those other nations don’t get as much attention, and justifiably so.

In other words, it’s not as simple as merely saying that one country’s problems are worth more “political points” than another’s.

This thread is clearly about people suffering, not our national security. That is a separate thread to discuss. So yes, caring about people in Afghanistan who are suffering without mentioning any of the other countries in the world is clearly for political points or at best blind ignorance following current news.

A real discussion could be had if the US is safer with troops in Afghanistan or without. 9/11 was a massive national security failure. Hard to see that happening with how much we increased resources on counterterrorism and homeland security since. We aren’t eliminating terrorism by being there and arguably have helped strengthen it in other places of the world (including some of those African countries where people are suffering). Feel free to start a thread on it, but it will quickly get destroyed with political talking points and blaming certain politicians for every issue.

Even if it’s about people suffering, there are a lot of Americans, and people that work for Americans that need to be evacuated QUICKLY from Afghanistan or they’ll face almost certain death.

If there were a comparable number of Americans or people that work for Americans facing a similar predicament in one of those African or other Asian nations, then I’m sure that those nations would get just as much attention.

Obviously, that’s not the case.

As always, it’s not about “political points.” It’s about the following: where are AMERICAN interests most adversely affected?

Hard to argue that they are affected more adversely in those other countries when it comes to AMERICANS, and people that worked directly for Americans, suffering.

And how does being in Afghanistan strengthen terrorism in some other country in Africa? It might have an effect on countries that border Afghanistan in Asia, but not elsewhere in Asia.

I don’t see it.

The truth is, Afghanistan is about to become “terrorist central” precisely because, by becoming the first jihadist group to defeat the USA (something that every other jihadist group has aspired to, but failed to do), the Taliban in Afghanistan has risen from the “others receiving votes” category in the Global Jihadist Top 25, to the Consensus #1 ranked BCS champion, far outstripping al-Qaeda, ISIL, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

That’ll make Afghanistan an even BIGGER haven for jihadists, potentially, than it was prior to 9/11…which could be catastrophic for the West, potentially. STAY TUNED!!!

But that won’t directly affect either terrorism or jihadist terrorism in Africa or any parts of Asia not bordering Afghanistan, necessarily, except that it might draw jihadists/terrorists from those other countries to the new jihadist “grand central station” in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. Jihadists tend to flock to the places where they are the most welcome and can find the most like-minded folks!

I never directed anything at you, but if you are saying that people are not using this to win political points, you are dead wrong. You may not be doing it for that, but plenty are though.

Hate towards America going into Iraq and Afghanistan led to many new terrorists all over the world. Is that disputed? I’m not even making an argument against the last 20 years, just pointing out how many terrorists in the US and around the world have used the US troop occupation there as reason for becoming a terrorist or for attacks. The surviving Boston marathon bomber said that was the #1 reason for him and his brother.

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