Predict UH vs Oklahoma

UH- 33
OU- 32

Sorry Mamo! My grandmother. Who played golf at OU and would drink bloody Mary’s and chain smoke singing boomer sooner as OU beat Texas in The red river shootout.

UH 38
OU 27

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UH 41
OU 38

I predict PAIN for the Sooners! :pouting_cat:

OU tops UH. They just have too much fire power.

35-34 UH

Go with Mayor Turner and say 38-24 UH

34-24 Coogs

31-21 OU

17-10 … coogs

28 UH
24 OU

31-27 good guys

35-0 coogs


I had a dream last night…

UH 49
OU 42

Seems high in consciousness, but I’ll take the win regardless. If my dream is off, I predict Mayfield gets hurt by our defense and we win 38 - 21.

Houston 31
Oklahoma 22

About the second or third year in the B12 Texas had a pretty decent team. I just remember them getting totally dismantled by OU. It was game over at the end of the first Q.

Last year OSU was expected to present OU with a challenge. Didn’t happen. It was OU in a walk.

I say this to caution about taking those guys too lightly. I’ll go UH in a squeaker by 3. But it is going to be a very tough, physical game.

If UH can pressure Mayfield, he’ll turn the ball over like a Pez dispenser and UH wins in a squeaker. Otherwise: OU 42, UH 27

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42-38 Coogs. We get scored on early and often in the first half. Nerves calm in the second and we finish them off. At least 1 special teams or defensive TD.

Edited 8/29/16 35-31 Coogs.

And that is one of the keys to UH’s game. That and Ward being able to do his thing. Just keep in mind that OU had a typical recruiting class with TEN 4- & 5-star recruits. UH had one. Over 10 years that really adds up. Of course we beat FSU so most certainly we can get the best of OU. I’m just concerned some folks are taking them a bit lightly.

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It should be 21-10 but we play back/safe and give up one last score with virtually no time to spare. Onside kick is scary, but we recover and game over.

OU fans get indigestion from our win. It burns when they poop a few days thereafter.

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