Predicting the AP top 15 (10/14 edition)

1 Alabama 7-0
2 Ohio State 7-0
3 Clemson 6-0
4 Notre Dame 7-0
5 Texas 6-1
6 LSU 6-1
7 Georgia 6-1
8 UCF 6-0
9 Michigan 6-1
10 Oklahoma 5-1
11 Oregon 5-1
12 Florida 6-1
13 West Virginia 5-1
14 Kentucky 5-1
15 NC State 5-0 if Colorado doesn’t come back


lsu before texas

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No. They just wanna force texass in there. :expressionless:



Just for perspective, I think West Virginia would put up 35 against ECU in the first half (offensive points alone).

I hate to say it but I think Michigan jumps UCF.

Texas might just be the worst top 15 team ever. I don’t think the AP voters (even them) are gullible enough to rank them at 5.

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Your perspective, not one based on any results on the field.

LSU will be ahead of Texas

  1. Bama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Notre Dame
  5. LSU
  6. Michigan
  7. Texas
  8. UCF
  9. OU
    13.West Virginia
    15.NC State

This could be the high water mark for my Wolfpack this season unless we can beat Klempson next weekend. We did beat the pee hockey dern out of open date yesterday.

Texas is still benefiting from the win over an overrated TCU. The OU win was not chopped liver, but the UMd and Tulsa games aren’t pluses to their resume.

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Not that it’s official but Galloway and Palmer both put Texas at 5 on their little playoff board.

We should get votes, right. And if we win against navy might break into the 25? (As other teams will assuredly lose)

I think they are. Both the voters gullible enough and Texas the worst top 5 team ever.

Well 1 vote means we were in somebody’s top 25. I can’t justify us being top 25 yet. Win the next two and we are in.

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Good point, I probably wouldn’t put them in my top 25; but I also wouldn’t have Appilachian St ranked either and that had 11 “points “ in the AP poll last week.


Oh yeah, there are definitely some teams that got votes that are undeserving. No doubt about it.

Our Houston Cougars receiveing votes in Coaches Poll

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A lot of people got LSU right and Michigan moving up a lot. Looks like no one saw OU jumping past UCF on a week off though. What were we thinking?

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I’d love to ask the AP as a group “were you punishing UCF because of their 1 point victory on the road at Memphis or rewarding OU because of UT’s 6 point victory at home to Baylor?”