Predictions for future conference landscape

I think we are on the verge of 4 16 team super conferences, unless the networks convince the super conferences to move to 20 teams.

SEC is set to be 16 teams with OU and UT. I don’t see any scenario where the SEC does not remain a super conference.

B1G has 14 teams and does not need to grab any teams. However, they have a lot of options to pick up some teams from the B12 or the G5 or maybe even poach from the ACC. I think they will grab at least 2 more. I don’t see any scenario where the B1G does not remain a super conference.

The ACC is vulnerable. They have their media deal locked in for awhile, but they could be poached by the B1G or even the SEC if the networks tell the SEC to go to 20. If they are poached, they may not remain a super conference. I could see them picking up ND as a full member or a team from the B12 or the G5.

The B12 is toast. They will not be a super conference going forward. They will be poached by the PAC and maybe the B1G and ACC.

The PAC needs to act. If they can pick up the best of the B12/G5 teams they can remain a super conference.

edit: Crazy scenario is a merger between the PAC12 and the 8 remaining B12 teams…20 teams

ACC is pretty safe. Their GOR goes to 2035-2036. Not saying never but not likely.

They won’t be poached by the PAC.

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I think that if (when) UT and OU join the SEC it will create a tidal wave of realignment and shifts.

not sure who will end up where or how many “conferences” there will be, but things are about to change in a big way imo

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