Pregame Thread: Cincinnati @ UH 3/1 12 Noon Central ESPN


We need to stomp Cincinnati to inch up
to a 5-6 seed. If we lose this home game, our projected 7 seed will turn into 9 or 10 real quick, no bueno.

On a personal note, I’m recruiting my 6A All-district (as a sophomore!) WR great-nephew hard and I’m bringing him, his dad and little brother to the game. He also plays BB and runs hurdles but football will be his future in athletics. He will get a full ride somewhere (football or academics). I just hope it’s at UH.

A beatdown and packed gym should help my chances quite a bit. Go Coogs!

On a side note: we remained ranked after three close losses on the road. :flushed: That’s spelled R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

See y’all Sunday.



With you in everything except the seeding 5/6 and 9/10 are drastic swings.

Not that I know all that goes in to it.

But - if I was a betting man, and I will bet on things with favorable outcomes. We probably stay at that 7 line unless we lose the rest of our games.

I see that UH has really jacked up the prices for this game.

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They sure did! Cheapest ticket on the website is $50.00. Glad I have my season tickets!


It’s called supply and demand! It’s the American way lol


Last I saw we had a 100 or so tickets left…yes this is a huge game and it would be nice for once to have all the seats full of real bodies…especially the student section…


Butch, it all depends on how many were block buys for resale. Coog fans are averse to scalper prices and scalpers often find themselves with a fist full of tickets after the game is over. As for the students, who knows? This is a different generation and I can’t figure their motives and attitudes.


I agree Red…but it would be nice to see every seat full. I don’t expect them all to be full, but I think this will still be our biggest crowd that actually shows up…sell some SRO seats and I bet they can find a seat lol

I know this happened in football after the Peach Bowl win when brokers knew that OU and Louisville were part of the next home schedule.

For basketball, do we think that many brokers are scooping up season tickets for resale? The home schedule does not have a lot of blue bloods and, while FC is a fun place to see a game, I cannot imagine that brokers are salivating at trying to sell tickets vs. HBU, UTA, UTEP and making enough off of Memphis, Wichita St and Cincinnati to turn a profit.

There are 300+ Tickets for this Sunday on Stubhub right now! They seem to have that many and more for every home game. Either they are buying or a lot of people are selling theirs to them!

Look at the Sec and row numbers. Most are in Sec 107 which makes sense because it is one of the largest non-student section. But many are on the lower rows. You are not a broker getting tickets that low unless you have built up CP points to select when FC tickets were allotted.

In the first nine rows:
Sec 107 – Over 20
Sec 113 – About 10
Sec 114 – About 20
Sec 112 – About 15

Kudos for Secs 117 to 119 for not listing many on StubHub. There may be a few brokers with tickets but I think it is mostly season ticket holders that are listing their tickets.

I hope the student section (109) is full for these last two games. We have season tickets this year (my first since PSJ years). Last year we attended six or seven single games and if I remember correctly student section was almost full, if not full every game we attended. We sat in section 110 for UCF game last year and students were very loud. This year terrible student turn out in section 109.

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Ummm…I’m probably showing my age, but what does “CINCINNATI IS OPEN” mean?

Student ticket claim is open is what I think they are saying.