Pregame Thread: Good vibrations for week 11.....Tulane

Let’s put our good juju here and take care of business!


Excited to see King score some more TDs!


Senior Day Thursday.


I’ll be there. Go Coogs!!


Last home game. Pumped up and going in confident. Just gotta believe. Go Coogs. 1-0. Insert Beach Boys music here!!!


Purposely haven’t read much since returning after the game. It may be buried somewhere, but is there an injury report anywhere?
Is Bryson going to play? I hope he didn’t get a concussion.

Doesn’t look like EO will play again – is that assumption correct?

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Coach doesn’t release injury reports, but here’s what we know (may have missed some):


  • RB Mulbah Car - Out
  • RB Terrence Williams - Out
  • WR Courtney Lark - Out
  • WR Keith Corbin - Unknown
  • WR Jeremy Singleton - Unknown
  • WR Bryson Smith - Unknown


  • DE Jerard Carter - Out
  • DE Isaiah Chambers - Out
  • S Garrett Davis - Out
  • DT Ed Oliver - Questionable
  • DT Aymiel Fleming - Questionable
  • DE Payton Turner - Suspended for 1st half of Tulane game
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Thanks, Patrick. We couldn’t figure out why Turner got called for the second unsportsmanlike. Didn’t see anything.


Looks like they said he intentionally walked/stomped on a players leg


I was on the opposite side of the field so I didn’t see what happened. Just have heard what @fiveten has said.

They showed the replay on TV. Turner looked down, then stomped the living $h!+ out of a Temple player’s leg with his cleat after an extra point try.

I would suspend him for the full game. It was completely unacceptable.


Going to be interesting this week on offense if all those receivers end up being out. On the TV replay (sorry, I couldn’t go this week), it looked like Bryson got bent backwards on that play. I didn’t look like he took an egregious shot to the head. On the sideline, he was trying to arch is back backwards, so I’m thinking he hurt his back.

If all those WRs are out or somewhat limited, we have a few freshmen who can play this week without burning a redshirt, but it looks like it will have to be the D’Eriq King show. And given what our defense has been doing, we may need 7 or 8 TDs from King this week.

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Oof…and that was after the penalty on the 4th and 16 that gave Temple a 1st down. Agreed, probably deserves to be shut down for the week.


Just as there were many Coogfans who accused Navy of playing dirty, I’m sure Temple fans are saying the same thing about UH. Turner let the team down by committing an unacceptable stunt and getting suspended.


I don’t disagree with you at all, although I’m not sure what that has to do with what I posted. I will say that unless Turner said something that couldn’t be heard on TV, he didn’t deserve the first unsportsmanlike penalty. The offensive lineman was shoving him after the whistle and Turner pushed the guys arms away. He got flagged for the retaliation and the retaliation was very mild…unless he said something deserving of the flag.

The 2nd flag was absolutely deserved and he should be suspended for Thursday’s game based on that incident alone. That behavior is completely unacceptable.

Free Falling like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Get ready to be embarrassed on national TV twice in 8 days. Looking forward to Wednesday’s hoops game against Rice.

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OTOH… he was one of few emotionally in the game !!

Did he have the Aubrey Coleman Laser Vision?

Let’s go Coogs! True we’ll ever be

There is the reason for our lack of a defense against the run :confused: